Simple styling hints for growing out your hair

Everyone gets stuck with a questionable haircut from time to time. Fortunately there are easy ways to fix – or at least camouflage – any problem until your hair grows out.

Even a fringe or layers that look amazing one day, can become awkward and weird-looking the next.

Here’s what to do when you need to grow out yesterday’s hairdo:

Growing out your fringe

Thin it out

If you have a thick, blunt fringe that has grown out, ask your stylist to thin the ends.

They can use thinning scissors to reduce the weight rather than cutting it shorter.

When the ends are thinner, they’re easier to sweep in with the rest of your hair, whether you pull it back or wear it down.


Split the difference

Once your fringe is thinned, part your hair down the middle and blow dry the fringe outwards so it feathers to both sides.

If your fringe reaches the middle of your eyes, part it down the middle and wear it curtain-style so it frames your face.

Hide it

Blow dry your hair straight, part it to one side, and bobby pin the fringe underneath the hair on the heavier side.

Then brush the hair over to cover the pin.

You’ll still see the base of the pin, and a few strands may pop out, but it’s the perfect way to conceal a fringe.

Brush it back

When your fringe falls just below eye level, pull it straight back fairly tightly to the crown of your head and secure it with a barrette.

Blow dry the rest of your hair so it hangs straight down around your ears.

Growing out layers

Get a cut

If you want to grow out your layers, the first thing you should do is get a haircut (yes, it sounds counterintuitive).

Ask your stylist to take a couple of centimetres or more off the bottom, depending on how short the layers are (the shorter the layers, the more you should trim).

This is the only way to marry the layers to the rest of your hair and make them seem longer.

After the cut, let your hair grow for three months, then go back for a trim.

long hair

Try a fringe

Cutting a long fringe will act as a diversion.

Ask your stylist to snip a long, swoopy fringe that falls to nose level.

It shouldn’t be too thick, and it should fall to one side.

This will take the attention away from any longer layers around the face that you’re trying to grow out.

Pull it back

If you don’t have the time for a trim, spritz an anti-frizz spray through your hair and smooth it, then brush it into a ponytail.

The ponytail is your new best friend because you can hide just about anything.

If you have uneven layers, your ponytail might look too thin, in which case twist it into a bun in the middle of the back of your head (if it’s too low not all the layers will reach it).

Buy a headband

To dress up your hair, rub a smoothing serum through it when it’s damp and brush your hair straight back.

Then slide a thin black or clear plastic headband a few centimetres back from the forehead.

You can also use a thick black wraparound headband, then pull your hair into a messy knot in the back.

Written by Nikki Yazxhi.