Beauty tricks a model swears by

Miranda Kerr lookalike Elle Morris spills the beans on her favourite skincare and make-up hacks – plus the biggest myths about modelling.

She’s the brunette beauty with 126,000 Instagram followers who bears a striking resemblance to Miranda Kerr.

We asked Australian model Elle Morris to reveal the beauty and skincare tricks she uses to be photoshoot-ready.

How does being a model shape your approach to beauty?

The industry is basically built around the way I look and how I present myself, so making sure I am always on top of my game is a must!

That starts with beauty prep, and of course, looking after yourself.

What are your best beauty hacks?

I’m sure everyone knows that drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep is key, but a few favourites of mine are serums and oils to hydrate the skin – hydration keeps the skin plump.

I love taking a nice long bath and exfoliating so my skin always looks nice and fresh.

I also stimulate blood circulation to improve my skin’s appearance with the deep massage pad attachment on the Braun Silk-epil 9 SkinSpa epilator. I find it much more effective than using a body brush, which can sometimes be harsh on your skin.

What’s in your beauty kit?

I do like to change my routine up, as I love trying new products.

Makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serums, exfoliator and moisturiser are all part of my skincare regime. Then I use concealer, bronzer, blush and highlighter.

For my eyes, I use an eyelash curler and mascara, then usually smudge a little brown/bronze eye shadow above and below the eye to give a slight cat-eye effect.

You’re a busy model. How do you simplify your beauty routine when you’re in a hurry?

I’m an extremely punctual person so I’m hardly ever in a rush and I always make the time to prep and get ready – even if it means getting a little less sleep!

I’ll stay up the extra hour to tan or wash my hair, and get up early to curl it and put my face on.


Is there a dream designer you’d love to work with?

My dream designer to work with or be dressed by, for instance the MET Gala, would be Balmain.

What’s the biggest misconception about the fashion industry/modelling?

I think the two biggest misconceptions are that models aren’t friendly and that they don’t eat!

I have plenty of friends who are models and most of them are the loveliest girls and guys.

Plus we know how to eat! While staying healthy and in shape, of course.

The industry has changed its views of what models should look like now (well, in some countries), so the pressure of being stick thin isn’t as in demand.

How important is health and wellness?

Health and wellness is where beauty starts.

From the inside to out, when you are stressed or not taking care of yourself it shows.

My favourite exercise is taking my dog (Billy) for a run along the coastal walk near my house in Tamarama.

I use the outdoor gym too, while he runs with the other dogs. Otherwise I love pilates or barre class!

Words by Charlotte Brundrett. Pictures by Daniel Boud.