The office siren beauty aesthetic is the new workday glam

Transform your workday style with the office siren look. Inspired by ’90s minimalism, this polished yet professional aesthetic is perfect for work.

Here’s a great reason to skip working from home this week: office siren make-up.

This beauty trend is all about polished, office-friendly make-up with a touch of sultry glam to liven up the look.

What is office siren beauty?

Inspired by ʼ90s minimalism, and in particular Gisele Bündchen’s character in The Devil Wears Prada movie, this aesthetic is characterised by a neutral colour palette to embrace a refined vibe.

Statement make-up elements, such as a sultry wing or smoky eye, help soften the look and elevate it from classic corporate to office siren.

“The office siren make-up look is professional, considered and well groomed with a splash of sexy thrown in,” explains make-up artist Julia Green.

“She is the girl in the movies who pulls one pin from her hair to release her mane, which instantly makes her the hottest in the room.”

How to do office siren make-up

Julia says the main elements of this look is flawless skin, elongated eyes, lightly sculpted cheekbones and a perfectly contoured pout. Here’s how to achieve it:

On the skin

“Hydrated skin is a must for achieving this look, so good skincare is the first step,” make-up artist Vic Anderson says.

Do a weekly exfoliation to polish the skin and use a hydrating serum and nourishing moisturiser, preferably in a matte finish, Vic recommends.

When it comes to foundation, Julia says to aim for “just the right amount of coverage to hide any flaws whilst letting other parts of your skin shine through.”

Aim to lightly sculpt the cheekbones and jawline with a taupe contour powder or cream, then add a hint of rose-toned blush, Julia suggests.

On the eyes

Vic says to keep your eye look simple: a wash of taupe eyeshadow across the lid, a black liquid liner for the perfect wing, or a smudge of dark grey pencil along the waterline and across the upper and lower lashes.

“Don’t forget to curl the lashes and comb through mascara for a groomed finish,” she says.

On the lips

Go for a well-defined lip but dial down the intensity as this is, of course, a daytime look.

Julia says to choose a lip liner that is slightly deeper in shade than your own lip colour.

“Line the outside of your lips and blend the colour in toward the centre, leaving the middle of your lip bare,” she says.

“Then apply a clear or lighter lip gloss over the top – this will give the illusion of a fuller pout.”

Smart rules for wearing make-up with glasses

The key accessory that ties this look together? A chic pair of specs, of course.

But wearing make-up with glasses can be tricky, so there are a few rules to follow.

Keep it clean

“Try to make sure the application of your eye make-up is clean and precise when wearing glasses with this look,” Julia says, adding that overly complicated eye make-up will look too “done up”.

Brighten dark areas

Vic says to watch out for shadows and darkness around the eyes when wearing glasses so if you have deep-set eyes or a dark under-eye area, consider using a brightening concealer for a fresh effect.

Avoid rub-off

Make-up can tend to rub off on the bridge of the nose when wearing glasses.

The trick is to apply a primer to this area, followed by minimal foundation and then a pressed powder to set make-up for longevity, Vic says.

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Written by Tania Gomez.