5 winter-proof beauty hacks to add to your skincare routine

Prep your skin for winter with these essential beauty hacks for a glowing complexion.

Winter is just around the corner and with it comes the worry of dry, chapped skin.

Preparing your skin for the cold months ahead is timely and starts with giving your skincare the same consideration as your wardrobe, with the use of hardworking layers.

The important thing to know about cool climate skincare is that as the weather gets colder, the humidity levels in the air drop, which makes our skin drier.

This is exacerbated when we turn on central heating, which can draw moisture out of the skin, leaving it looking dull, feeling dehydrated and making fine lines and wrinkles look more visible. So, time to add those layers!

5 ways to help prep your skin for winter

Choose the right cleanser

As the humidity drops, you should look for a good cleanser that is soap‑free and hydrating.

Some foaming cleansers contain ingredients such as sulphates, which are great in summer for keeping oil at bay but in winter can strip the skin of its protective natural oils and increase dryness.

Switching to a gentle yet rich cleanser is important to maintain your skin’s healthy barrier.

A cream‑based cleanser can be beneficial because it starts as a cream and transforms into a rich foam that rinses completely while locking in hydration.

A cream or balm‑based cleanser can also really be worked into your skin to help remove make‑up and pollution, which degrade the skin.

Tip: Avoid hot water when washing your face or showering as it can strip skin of its natural moisture. Keep your showers warm and brief.

Master the art of layering

Layering isn’t just for clothing, you can take a similar approach to your skincare routine.

Extra hydration is a must and the rule is to layer from the thinnest texture to the thickest.

It starts with your serum — think of this as your thermal.

Serums are potent doses of active ingredients. In winter, your skin will require serums containing hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to retain moisture and soothe flushed skin.

Next comes the thickest jumper you own: your moisturising cream, which works to seal in the serum.

A moisturising cream with a rich creamy texture protects your skin from the cooler temperatures, especially when you move between warm indoor and cold outdoor temperatures.

Tip: The ingredients you should be looking out for in your moisturiser include ceramides, hyaluronic acid and glycerin.

Use sunscreen

UVA rays (associated with ageing) are present even on cloudy days.

So SPF is a must as the days get colder; it really is a year‑round commitment.

And the best one is the one you will apply every single day.

UV rays are very damaging and the consequences usually don’t reveal themselves until you’re much older, in the form of pigmentation, dullness and wrinkles.

Tip: You can’t guarantee that you are getting the right level of protection by just using a face cream or foundation that includes SPF, so always incorporate a standalone SPF sunscreen.

Pay lip service

Your facial skin includes your lips, and the thin delicate layer that makes up our lips can easily become dehydrated.

A lip balm that contains hydrating ingredients such as butter or glycerin is a good idea.

At night you can amp it up to a lip mask to help with softening the skin.

Be adaptable

Everyone’s skin is different.

While one person may experience specific challenges such as increased dryness or sensitivity in colder weather, another may not.

The key tip is to watch your skin and see how it reacts.

Respond to it and give it what it needs to look and feels its best.

If you’re unsure, ask a professional.

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Written by community pharmacist Jala Moushi