Why it’s OK to be a Grinch with kids’ Christmas gifts

16 December, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell

Christmas is a time for giving, but does that mean kids should get everything on their lists? Experts say a less-is-more approach is actually better for children.


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6 stress-busting tips for students

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Parenting dilemmas: When can I leave my child home alone?

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7 types of play that are awesome for kids

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Child’s play is a vital part of growing up, and essential for learning and developing life skills. But some forms of play are more valuable than others.


Why you shouldn’t cancel your kid’s swimming lessons in winter

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Keeping up your child’s swimming lessons during the cooler months will pay off in the long term, experts say.


Can hypnobirthing help ease the pain of childbirth?

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Designed to take the fear and anxiety out of childbirth, hypnobirthing has some high-profile supporters. So what is it all about?


Why rewarding children might be holding them back

24 August, 2020 . by Sarah Fennell

Can rewarding kids for positive behaviour actually be doing them more harm than good? Some experts say yes.