18 must-try soups to warm you up this winter

Warm up this winter with this collection of some of our most popular soup recipes, from classic roast pumpkin to spicy chicken and couscous.

There’s nothing quite like a bowl of steaming hot soup to warm you up in winter.

From health-giving broths brimming with seasonal produce to plant-based bowls and creamy concoctions that are the ultimate comfort food, soups are the quintessential winter fare.

To help you embrace the season, we’ve pulled together this collection of our most popular (and delicious) soup recipes that promise to warm you from the inside out.

These are 18 must-try soups to warm you up this winter.

Carrot ginger saffron soup with harissa

This carrot, ginger and saffron soup with rosey harissa is elegant enough that you can dish it up at your next dinner party.

The vibrant fusion of sweet carrots, zesty ginger and exotic saffron is beautifully accented by the spicy kick of rosey harissa.


Spicy chicken and couscous soup

Shivering from the colder weather?

This spicy chicken and couscous soup with lemon and herbs will warm you right up.


Spicy pumpkin and red lentil soup recipe

This comforting six-ingredient pumpkin and red lentil soup takes just 10 minutes to prep and can be on the table within half an hour.

Five minute soup

Five-minute broccoli and spinach soup

If you’re time-poor and looking for a simple soup to warm you up, look no further than this tasty five-minute soup recipe packed with nutritious greens.


Chicken and green veg soup

This delicious and comforting chicken soup recipe is packed with fresh green vegetables, a great way to get your healthy dose of naturally cleansing properties.


Hot lentil soup

Packed with nourishing ingredients, this lemony, spiced lentil soup is sure to become part of the regular rotation.


Potato and leek soup

With just a handful of ingredients, this deliciously creamy and satisfying potato and leek soup is easy to whip up on the stovetop.

vegetable soup

Quick vegetable soup with ginger

When you need soup in a hurry, get your immune system firing with this comforting quick vegetable soup.

It is super easy to prepare and is packed full of nutritious goodness.

keto chicken soup

Low-carb keto-friendly chicken soup

This ultra-comforting keto-friendly chicken soup will be just what you need to get through those cold, dreary winter nights.

Pop it in the freezer for a quick low-carb meal when you are pressed for time.

asian noodle soup

Asian vegetable and tofu noodle soup

Ladle up a steaming bowl of Asian-inspired noodle soup packed with healthy veggies, rice noodles and protein-packed tofu.

It’s the perfect quick-and-easy vegetarian dinner.

vegan soup

Vegan spinach, leek, courgette and coconut soup

Hearty veggies, creamy coconut milk and crunchy sourdough croutons – this plant-based zucchini and spinach soup boasts everything nice, plus a nice dash of spice.

tomato white bean soup

Roasted tomato and white bean soup

Say goodbye to boring old tomato soup with this roasted tomato version that is a vegetarian’s dream – full of nutritious cannellini beans, antioxidant-rich tomatoes and super tasty to boot.

green pea and cress soup

Green pea and cress soup

Loaded with hearty vegetables, green pea and cress soup is perfect for cooking on the weekend and enjoying for lunch throughout the week.

vegan beetroot soup

Vegan beetroot soup with puffed quinoa and beetroot crunch

Sweet and earthy beetroot turns up twice in this nourishing beetroot soup that will be loved by vegans and omnivores alike.

chicken udon noodle soup

Sally Obermeder’s chicken udon noodle soup

When a quick and easy meal is needed, turn to this fiery bowl of udon noodle soup to warm your night.

Each bowl is packed with protein and veggies and seasoned with sesame and soy.

miso soup with udon noodles

Miso soup with udon noodles, salmon and broccoli

This soul-reviving miso and salmon soup helps to nourish your body with essential minerals and vitamins while promoting good gut health.

moroccan soup

Spicy Moroccan chickpea soup

Ramp up meat-free Monday with this feisty Moroccan chickpea soup, chock-a-block with flavours and the nutritional goodness of chickpeas.


Tuscan chicken soup

Nothing says winter comfort like coming home to a deliciously tender slow-cooked Tuscan-style chicken and parmesan soup that’s brimming with healthy ingredients and hearty flavours.

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