What every woman should know about heart disease

We send Zoe Bingley-Pullin in search of the truth, looking at the surprising facts about heart disease and the various ways we can keep our heart healthy.

When it comes to thinking about our own health, gender stereotypes can be very harmful.

Of all the glorious differences between men and women, there is one thing we both share that needs our tender loving care: our heart.

We’ve all heard the horror stories when it comes to the statistics of heart health in Australia and for most of us we think it’s older men who are overweight and love drinking beer who are most at risk.

However women who might not be that overweight, who might not be that unhealthy, could also be at risk.

In Australia, heart disease kills four times more women than breast cancer. The majority of women don’t realise it’s their number one killer.

So what does every woman need to know about heart disease?

Join Zoe as she goes in search of the truth to discover the causes of heart disease in women and the various ways we can keep our heart muscle healthy.

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