Spring into action and embrace naturally derived pain relief

Say goodbye to winter hibernation and get ready for a more active spring.

You can feel it in the air: spring is on the horizon.

And that means it’s a great time to shake off winter and get your body moving again.

But as you start getting back into the swing of all the things you love to do – maybe it is exercise, playing with the kids, shopping or going for a stroll – the last thing you need is niggly aches and pains cramping your style.

Whether it is muscle and body aches, mild joint pain, overall soreness, aches and pains can interrupt our daily flow.

The good news is there are a few great ways to help relieve the aches, naturally.

Take it slow

Aerobic exercise1 is key to a healthy body, and engaging in regular activities like running, cycling or swimming comes with a host of physical and mental benefits.

But if it’s been a while since you’ve laced up the trainers, start slow and allow your muscles time to adapt.

Warm up properly before exercising and cool down afterward with gentle stretches to minimise the risk of muscle soreness.

Soothe your mind and body

Pain isn’t just physical – it can take a toll on your mental wellbeing, which can in itself exacerbate2 muscle tension.

Proactively soothe your mind and promote relaxation in your daily routine by considering options such as meditation into your daily routine.

Techniques like mindfulness3 and deep breathing can help to improve your body’s response to mild pain.

Heat therapy

Whether it’s a warm shower, a hot sauna or a heat pack, heat therapy is a tried-and-true remedy.

Research4 shows applying heat to sore muscles can increase blood flow, promote muscle relaxation and help reduce stiffness.

Heat therapy is especially helpful after an intense workout or after a period of inactivity when your muscles may feel tight.

A naturally derived approach to pain relief

When it comes to mild pain relief, people are more open5 to trying natural-based products – with major influences being6 personal choice and a preference for natural alternatives to traditional medication.

The PanaNatra range – from the makers of Australia’s most-trusted7 pain relief brand, Panadol – was created with this growing consumer need in mind, acknowledging the role of naturally derived ingredients in our pain management armour.

The PanaNatra range includes three products for muscle pain relief, joint pain relief and sleep and pain relief.

PanaNatra features products like PanaNatra Muscle Pain Relief, which harnesses the power of plant-based active ingredients to relieve muscle aches, pain and soreness

It includes Rhuleave-K®, a scientifically tested8 dual-active formula containing a unique blend of curcuminoids and boswellia.

Curcuminoids arederived from the active component of the turmeric root, and boswellia is the active herbal extract from the serrata tree.

With these ingredients combined, PanaNatra Muscle Pain Relief may help relieve those muscle aches and soreness as you look to put the steps back into your spring.

Choosing a naturally derived, plant-based alternative can help us get back to things in life we love, sooner.

This post is brought to you by PanaNatra. Always read the label and follow directions for use. PanaNatra Muscle Pain Relief is not suitable for vegetarians.

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