The truth about detoxing

While there’s no scientific evidence to show the human body needs to detox, picking a time to ‘reset’ our diets by sticking to clean and natural whole foods for a few days may help shift a few kilos and leave us feeling lighter and leaner, says dietitian Susie Burrell.

“The good news is that you don’t need to fork out hundreds of dollars buying pills and potions to detox effectively,” she says.

“A detox can just as easily involve cutting out the processed foods and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol from our diet for a few days or a week long period and just reminding ourselves how good it feels to eat fresh, wholesome foods.”

Susie says we’ll feel refreshed, reenergised and lighter as we rid our bodies of the excessive fluids which tend to accumulate when we eat too much salt and fatty food.

“If done correctly you could also see a couple of kilograms fall off, which can be motivation in itself to maintain your new lifestyle program,” she smiles.

“Studies have shown weight loss programs are more likely to be maintained if results are seen during the initial phase of the program, as people tend to be able to maintain motivation levels for longer if they feel as if their new plan is working.”

Getting started

First step is to stock up on plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and base main meals around fruit salad, salads and plain vegetables, Susie advises.

“Add some lean protein in the form of yogurt, grilled fish or chicken or beans to your lunch and dinner and drink plenty of water or herbal tea.

“Ditch the biscuits and processed bars for snacks, instead choosing fresh fruit or a handful of nuts and seeds. If you like, wholegrain breads, oats and brown rice can be included as sources of high nutritional quality carbohydrates.”

Don’t go too far

A final word of caution from the popular dietitian, who says strict detox programs that eliminate all bread, cereal, dairy, pasta and rice shouldn’t be followed for more than a week.

“They are generally too low in kilojoules and key nutrients to allow the body to work at an optimal level for longer than this,” Susie warns.

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