5 quick exercises to get you energised at work

When you’ve run out of steam at work, these moves will get the blood flowing and boost your energy for the rest of the day.

We’ve all been there – the slow mornings, the after-lunch slump, the struggle to keep your eyes open after back-to-back meetings.

Despite our best efforts, sometimes it’s just too hard to stay awake at work.

Here are some easy exercises to keep you going when the caffeine high wears off.

1. Straight up

It’s no secret that sitting hunched over a desk all day is terrible for your shoulders and neck.

Sitting up straight means letting your body rise through the natural curves of your spine, allowing your brain stem to find the best position for blood flow, which in turn stimulates energy.

Once you’re up nice and tall, roll your head from your left shoulder to your right, while keeping your chest up to release tension at the back of the neck.

2. Hips don’t lie

Hip stretches are ideal in keeping the blood flowing without leaving your desk. Sit on the edge of your chair and place your right ankle over your left knee.

Make sure your left foot is directly under your left knee.

Keep your back straight and tall, while breathing in and out for up to 10 counts.

Then switch sides and repeat.

This move is particularly useful for releasing tension all around the gluteus area – which is usually what aches from sitting all day.

office stretches

3. Raise the roof

If you need a quick all-round stretch, this move is the one for you.

Stand up straight and march on the spot, while pushing your arms upwards from your shoulders to the ceiling with your palms facing the roof.

The marching stimulates blood flow in your lower body, while the arm exercises loosen up muscles in the often-tense shoulder and neck areas.

Add water bottles for extra weight!

4. Ham(string) it up

Another exercise that’s a great energy booster is a hamstring curl.

Stand up straight, bend your right arm at the elbow and move it upwards towards your body like you’re doing a bicep curl.

At the same time, bring your left foot up towards your rear end.

Make sure you’re alternating sides, so lift your right arm the same time as your left leg, and vice versa.

Keep moving!

5. Shake it off

It may sound strange but a quick shimmy shake to your favourite song is actually a great way to wake up.

Music has been proven to have many anti-stress effects on both the brain and the body, so why not use it more at work?

Book in a meeting room for 15 minutes, close the door, put your headphones in and leave it all on the boardroom floor.

You’ll head back to your desk with a bounce in your step!

Written by Manveen Maan.