Anthony Minichiello’s favourite easy exercises to get you fit, fast

NRL legend Anthony Minichiello believes bigger isn’t always better when it comes to daily exercise. He’s a fan of short workouts – starting with these simple moves.

The former Sydney Roosters captain says it’s easier to incorporate short, home-based workouts into daily routines than lengthy gym sessions.

Anthony, who founded online wellness program MiniFit, says spending just 15 minutes exercising each day can reap huge mental and physical benefits.

“Getting in your gym clothes, driving to the gym – it’s a two-hour exercise,” he says.

“And people are time-poor these days – they have busy lives – so finding those windows of time can be difficult.

“That can make it easy to fall into bad habits and, before you know it, it can be a month or two months before you’ve been.

“Whereas just turning on your phone and click on a website to do a 15-minute session is pretty easy.”

Anthony initially devised his MiniFit fitness program as a means of getting school kids to be more active, but more recently took his workshops online so adults could also benefit.

The program has become particularly popular during the coronavirus pandemic as people looked for alternative ways to stay fit at home.

Here are four exercises Anthony recommends for fast fitness:

Anthony Minichiello squat woodchop

Squat wood chop

Bring your hands together above your head. Slowly squat down, then bring both hands down to one side beside your knee and back up again in a wood chopping motion.

Repeat this movement to other side of the knee.

Make sure when you’re squatting that you keep the back square, heels on the ground and knees pressing outward. This ensures that you incorporate both the upper and lower body in a slight rotation, giving you a whole-body movement.

Do this for one minute.

Anthony Minichiello elliptical


This exercise involves a whole-body movement as you swing each arm to the opposite leg.

One minute of this and you will feel it in your quads and shoulders. It also provides a cardio hit!

Anthony Minichiello shoulder stabiliser

Shoulder Stabiliser

For this one your arms should be horizontal and out to your side.

Keep the arms straight at all times while making small circles backwards for one minute.

Then repeat the same small circles with a forward motion for another minute.

This exercise works on shoulder, neck and upper back. One minute repetitions will start to build the small muscles that hold us together in good posture.

Anthony Minichiello squat


The simple squat, when done correctly, can improve leg, lower-back strength, hip-mobility and overall balance.

A well-executed squat involves keeping the back straight as you bend down, with heels on the ground at all times and knees pressing outward.

Repeat this for one minute.

To find out more and get a two-week free trial, visit MiniFit.

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Written by Siobhan Duck.