The best ways to practise yoga at home

That mad rush to make a yoga class in peak-hour traffic doesn’t put you at ease. Thankfully, these apps and online programs to try from the comfort of home. 

Whether you’re tired, anxious or it all just feels like there’s too much going on in your life, the physical and mental health benefits of yoga could come as a huge benefit to your weekly routine.

The many therapeutic benefits of yoga are widely researched and the more you practise, the more you benefit.

Luckily, there are plenty of apps and online programs to help you keep up your downward dog and lotus poses – or just give yoga a go if you are a newbie.

How yoga benefits your health and wellbeing

As well as reducing stress, yoga and meditation offers a myriad of physical health benefits such as increased flexibility, improved cardiovascular function, muscle strength and tone.

It is suitable for all fitness levels and can be practised by adults and kids alike.

“I think now more than ever it’s important to practise yoga and breathing techniques,” says yoga instructor Beth Borowsky, who has been offering kids’ classes for years.

“I really feel for parents at the moment, because working from home while caring for your children and educating them is a lot to ask of anyone and can become a major source of stress.

“Children are acutely aware of their parents’ emotions and absorb their anxiety and stress, so practising yoga and mindful breathing can help reduce these emotions while re-oxygenating the brain and encouraging a sense of calm.”

yoga at home

16 online yoga programs and apps worth trying:

  • Bad Yogi Retreats

    Andrew Hampson offers his inventive and fresh approach to yoga teaching with an at-home option where you can access on-demand classes.

    With more than 30 different classes to choose from, you can start a 14-day free trial before $39.95 monthly membership kicks in.

    The Karma Class

    As one of Sydney’s most respected kids and adult yoga teachers and teacher trainers, Beth’s programs focus on yoga and mindfulness for children.

    There are weekly kids’ yoga classes for early childhood and primary children, Karma Classrooms for schools and Karma Homes to help bring calm into family life.

    Yoga with Adrienne

    Dubbed the “people’s yogi”, Adrienne Mishler has a steady stream of fans around the world.

    After gaining popularity through her high-quality YouTube videos, Mishler has expanded to online courses offered via her website, including monthly or yearly memberships following a free seven-day trial.

    Boho Beautiful

    Juliana Semenova and Mark Spicoluk offer tutorials on their site covering all things yoga.

    While many of the tutorials require membership, there are also free videos and a seven-day trial for on-demand content, which is perfect for those who want to try it out before making the investment.

    Down Dog

    Forget the boredom of repetitive workouts every time your lay down your mat.

    The Down Dog app ensures you don’t have to do the same routine over and over with more than 60,000 different configurations.

    While the app is free to download you’ll pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

    Power Yoga

    Created by Bryan Kest, who is also the primary yoga instructor, Power Yoga offers its users a comprehensive online selection of yoga classes, featuring elements of physical exercise, mindfulness, moderation and meditation.

    Twenty free classes are offered, with the option to pay for monthly or annual ongoing subscriptions.


    Great for bringing together mindfulness, spirituality and yoga, Gaia is offered online or via the app and includes more than 8000 video yoga workouts.

    A paid monthly subscription is available after a free one-week trial and includes meditations, yoga practices, lifestyle videos and stories.

    Yoga with Kassandra

    Kassandra Reinhardt boasts one of the most comprehensive range of yoga classes on YouTube, featuring five years’ worth of content that includes a variety of yoga styles and classes of varying levels of difficulty, catering to all kinds of yogis in the process.

    Soho Yoga

    This boutique Brisbane studio caters to all kinds of yoga fans, from beginners to kids and expectant mothers.

    There are 35 studio classes per week or on-demand classes with Soho teachers from the comfort of your own home.

    Light Space Yoga

    Featuring 36 live-streamed classes per week and a growing library of more than 3000 on-demand classes, users are spoiled for content.

    From guided meditation to yoga nidra, pose tutorials, kids’ yoga, vinyasa flow, slow flow and yin, the Victorian-based yoga franchise is suited to all levels of experience.

    A complimentary class is also offered, providing a sneak peak of what you’ll experience as a member of the online studio.

    Shona Vertue

    Shona’s Vertue Method Fitness Program sets her apart in the yoga community, combining traditional yoga with weight training over the course of 12 weeks.

    The Sydney-based trainer also boasts big-name fans such as David Beckham.

    Roaming Zen

    The Adelaide-based studio offers on-demand workouts and live-streamed classes with a new client offer of two weeks unlimited for $49.

    There are four membership options to choose from and equipment hire is also available.

    Alo Moves

    Accessible through its smartphone app and online, Alo Moves presents a streamlined, easy-to-use digital library of fitness classes, with a wide variety of yoga sessions taught by instructors from all around the world.

    At $20 a month or $199 a year for unlimited access to classes, it’s one of the more affordable options on the market.

    Power Living

    One of the largest yoga communities in Australia, Power Living has a comprehensive online platform called Yogaholics that goes beyond livestreaming classes.

    Videos are offered to members and are suited to every level of experience, with a focus on vinyasa and yin yoga.

    There are also technical tutorials to help yogis perfect their poses.

    Pelton Digital

    In 2018, Peloton yoga increased its offering from a handful of on-demand classes to a whole series of yoga classes.

    It now includes beginner yoga, intermediate and advanced yoga classes.

    Daily Yoga

    With 50 million global users, the Daily Yoga app is popular for a good reason.

    Easy to navigate, there are more than 100 yoga and meditation classes available as well as beginner-friendly tutorials.

    Although it’s free, you can upgrade to the pro version.

Written by Charlotte Brundrett. Updated April 2022.