Choosing the right exercise for your body type

Understanding your levels of flexibility can go a long way in discovering the best exercises for you, shares Physiotherapist Anna-Louise Bouvier.

Not all bodies need the same type of exercise to perform at their best.

The flexibility (or lack of flexibility) of your ligaments and joints plays a big part in preventing injury and keeping your body in peak condition.

Most of us sit on a continuum of flexibility. A person with a ‘floppy’ body type is the sort of person that as a child, could do the splits, bend over and easily put their hands on the floor. They often have joints that click, clunk and wobble!

A person with a ‘stiffy’ body type has often always hated stretching, has never been able to touch their toes and has always struggled with flexibility.

If you tend to be more on the floppy end of the continuum, you need to choose exercises that help you stabilise, strengthen and support wobbly ligaments, especially as you get older. Choose exercises like pilates, body weight training or cycling.

If you are stiffer you need to work on your flexibility. You may dislike yoga but it pays to give it a go, or look for a stretch class. It will keep the range in your joints and make it easier for you to keep doing the sports you love.

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