Does a rumble boxing workout pack the ultimate punch?

Combining the science of the ring with strength training, HIIT, metabolic conditioning and the benefits of cardio, rumble boxing embodies a fun, full-body workout.

If you want a super quick and efficient workout that will target your whole body, particularly those biceps, then look no further than this at-home Rumble boxing-style workout.

Rumble Boxing South Melbourne head trainer Selina Katsogiannis says by combining boxing drills with strengthening floor exercises such as lunges and push-ups, you will leave no physical stone unturned.

“When we combine both strength and boxing into one workout we increase our cardiovascular fitness, our upper body strength and hand-eye coordination, just to name a few key benefits,” Selina says.

Research suggests that combining aerobic and resistance training is of greater value in reducing cardiovascular disease risks than either type of exercise alone.

Try Selina’s full-body rumble boxing workout

Note: Do all eight movements, starting from the top. Start with movement 1 for 30 seconds each, with a 20-second break, four rounds each.

Set up your rumble boxing stance

Start with your feet just outside of hip-width apart.

If you’re right-handed, step your right foot back, or if you’re left-handed, step your left foot back.

Keep the feet on railroad tracks, but turn the toes to the corner of the room so they face 45 degrees.

Hug the elbows in nice and tight, with hands in fists, protecting your face.

Soft bend in the knees and slightly tuck the chin. You’re good to go!

1. Speed 1s and 2s

Get into your boxer stance, elbows tight by your ribcage, with a soft bend in your knees, feeling the weight going to your toes.

Starting with the jab (1) and using your hips, your legs, your shoulders and your core, extend your arm straight out towards your target.

Make sure you rotate your knuckle over, like you’re pouring out a glass of water and then snap it back to your face.

For a cross (2), rotate your back hip and back foot like you’re squishing a dead bug and again, fully extend your back arm while making sure you keep your chin down and eyes looking forward.

Alternate between throwing 1s and 2s for 30 seconds at a quick pace for a good conditioning hit.

2. Boat hold jab cross

Sit up on the floor, balancing on your tailbone just like a Russian twist.

Throw your jab and cross out straight ahead, ensuring your core is tight and arms get extended straight out.

For a modification, have your heels on the floor but make sure you’re still hinged back to keep the core engaged.

3. Right leg split squat, left leg split squat

Work those glutes and hamstrings.

Starting with feet hip-width apart, take a big step back with your right foot.

From here, drive your hips down towards the floor making sure both knees are at a 90-degree angle while keeping the chest proud.

Drive up through the front heel and return back to the starting position.

Complete three sets of 30 seconds on one leg and then switch legs for a good leg burnout.

4. Pop squats

Plant both feet together on the floor – this is your starting position.

From here driving through your heels, propel your body upwards into the air, extending your legs beneath you.

Land in a sumo squat position with feet slightly wider than hip width apart, making sure you maintain “soft” knees to prevent injury.

As you go into that sumo squat, drop one hand to the floor and alternate hands each time.

Repeat for 30-second bouts.

5. Blast-off push-ups

Start in a high plank position with hands stacked directly under your shoulders.

Stretch the lats and shoulders as you send your hips back towards your glutes and load those legs up, then “blast off” sending power from the legs into the plank before going into the push-up.

6. Power jacks

Standing up, start with your feet together.

Jump your feet out to the side so they are wider than hip-width apart.

As you jump your feet out to the side, drive arms straight up and lower arms when feet come together again.

7. Ab bicycles

Start by lying straight on your back with legs extended out in front of you, with your hands behind your neck for more support.

Raise both legs and your head and shoulders off the floor – this is your starting position.

While keeping your right leg extended, bend your left knee and draw it towards your chest.

At the same time, rotate your torso to the left to bring your right shoulder to your knee.

Untwist your torso and extend your left knee to return to the starting position.

Immediately bend your right knee and draw it towards your chest and rotate your torso to the right to bring your left shoulder across to your knee.

8. Good morning

Start upright with feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind the neck for support.

Maintain a soft bend in your knees, engaging through your glutes and hinging at your hips.

Keep a flat back throughout the entire movement.

Lower so your chest is parallel with the ground.

Drive feet firmly into the floor, brace through your core and reverse the movement, pushing your hips forward as you stand tall.

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