Is DNA testing the latest fitness device?

A new test is utilising the latest science has to offer to give Aussies the edge when it comes to tailoring their approach to health and fitness.

Are you built for speed, or endurance? Or perhaps you’re an all-rounder?  Does low fat or low carb work for you when it comes to eating?

Understanding your individual needs when it comes to diet and exercise can often be trial and error. With so many options, it’s easy to become confused about what works for you long-term.

The goals we’re setting and the equipment we’re using are typically set around averages rather than being tailored for individuals.

That’s why many people are now looking to get an edge from what makes them unique – their DNA.

What is myDNA?

myDNA is an Australian genetic interpretation company that decodes the information in your genes to help you to live better.

CEO Dr Lior Rauchberger says myDNA offers a test designed to help people make better health, wellness and lifestyle decisions based on their distinctive DNA profile.

“Our DNA is our blueprint which makes us all very unique,” Dr Rauchberger says. “It’s really quite interesting to see how different we all are based on those DNA markers we inherit from our parents.”

How does the test work?

The non-invasive DNA test involves a simple swab taken by brushing the inside of your cheek.

“It takes about 20 seconds,” Dr Rauchberger explains. “You then take the swab, put it in the reply paid envelope and it goes off to our accredited laboratory, and about eight days later you’ll get your personalised results.”

The myDNA test can reveal how your body uniquely responds to some medicines, what you eat and how you exercise.

A personalised myDNA weight management report will include DNA insights into your:

Weight management

  • Appetite control
  • Ability to breakdown fat
  • Processing of excess calories


  • Strength and endurance
  • Natural stamina
  • Injury risk
  • Recovery speed

Dr Rauchberger says your DNA results will stay the same helping you make more informed nutrition and training decisions for the rest of your life.

It’s about making smarter choices

“These tests and this awareness is not about telling people what you should and shouldn’t do, it’s about giving people information about how their body works to empower them to make smarter choices themselves,” he says.

Wellness Revolution Promotion

Chemist Warehouse and myDNA are asking 10,000 Australians to join the Wellness Revolution initiative and find the answers in their DNA.

The test is available free of charge to Chemist Warehouse customers who purchase any item in the weight loss or sports nutrition categories on the Chemist Warehouse website or from select stores.

Further information can be found at

Note: To be eligible for the free myDNA kit, you must purchase and register your test online before October 25, 2018.

Watch Health and Wellness Advisor Alex Pendlebury discuss myDNA testing on House of Wellness TV.