Why your muscles may be sore and cramping

Want to keep active and get the most out of every day, without aches and pains slowing you down? Make sure you’re getting this key mineral.

Suffering from mild muscle stiffness, cramps and pain can really change how you go about your day.

These are common complaints – let’s face it, nearly all of us have experienced some sort of muscle discomfort.

And because we have muscle tissue in nearly every part of our body, it’s pain that can be felt pretty much anywhere.

What causes muscle pain?

There’s no single cause of these painful aches and cramps but some of the things that can cause muscle soreness include overuse, skipping warm-ups or cool downs, injury, dehydration, not getting enough rest or lack of magnesium.

While there’s every chance that you might be able to pinpoint what exactly has led to your aching muscles, sometimes it’s hard to be sure.

What if you’re doing all the right things and still feeling pain?

You’re stretching before exercising, drinking lots of H2O and ensuring the right amount of down time between getting physical and yet still experiencing muscle stiffness and cramping muscles?

If this sounds familiar, speak with your healthcare professional as your magnesium levels might be low.

Why is magnesium so important for muscles?

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in our bodies and is essential for a range of biochemical activities, including protein production, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control and bone development.

This critical nutrient has also been demonstrated to be important for muscle health and function. Not getting enough of it can lead to spasms and cramps.

While magnesium occurs naturally in many foods – including fruits, vegetables such as leafy greens, nuts and whole grains – the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates one in three Aussies aren’t meeting their magnesium requirements.

When dietary intake is inadequate, supplementation may help.

Choosing the right magnesium supplement

Formulated with a combination of high-quality ingredients, Nature’s Way offers a comprehensive range of magnesium products that come in a variety of different formats – from tablets to gel and even bath flakes.

Nature’s Way High Strength Magnesium combines four different forms of magnesium as well as vitamins B6 and D3 for better absorption. This best-seller boasts 321.65mg of element magnesium per tablet – one of the highest on the market.

There’s also Nature’s Way Magnesium + Turmeric, which combines magnesium and turmeric in one handy tablet to help support both muscle and joint health.

Traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric helps to relieve inflammation and maintains joint flexibility and health.

For something different, Nature’s Way Magnesium Gel + Arnica contains elemental magnesium (180mg per 5g) and traditional herb arnica in a fast-absorbing gel.

Used in Western herbal medicine to help relieve muscle aches and pains and mild muscle inflammation as well as stiffness and bruises and swelling, arnica is also most effective when applied directly to the source of the discomfort.

Getting on top of your muscular soreness and cramping will get you back to your best and bouncy self – and help you get the most out of every day!

* This post is brought to you by the Nature’s Way Magnesium range. This product may not be right for you. Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamins and mineral supplements can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate.