Easy tips to help the medicine go down

Taking medications can be a hard pill to swallow – literally. Some are tough to get down or simply taste awful. Here is how to make taking your medicine easier.

Up to 40 per cent of people have difficulty taking oral medication in the form of pills.

Young children may find the idea of swallowing a pill overwhelming, while even adults can struggle for a range of reasons, including dysphagia (a medical term for difficulty swallowing), a fear of choking, or they simply don’t like the taste.

Whatever the cause, it can make the whole process of ingesting medicine quite stressful and interfere with sticking to a medication schedule, which can cause other health issues.

Ways to get the medicine down

If you or someone in your home experiences issues swallowing medicine, these tips may help make it easier:

If you’re taking a pill

Try taking your pill with a swig of water (if instructions permit).

Make sure you tilt your head forwards – not backwards – when swallowing.

Consider visualising the pill going down before your real attempt.

Hide your pill in a spoonful of a food you like or coat it in a pill-coating lubricant gel or crush it in a pill crusher (if permitted).

If you’re taking a capsule

Put the capsule on your tongue, take a sip of water but don’t swallow, tilt your chin forwards and now swallow.

If you’re taking liquid medicine

Disguise the taste by mixing it with a little strong-flavoured food or drink to dilute the taste (if permitted).

Alternatively, immediately follow up your dose with strong flavours.

Try an empty gelatine capsule

These small, cylindrical containers might be the answer to your oral medication challenges.

SurgiPack Gelatine Capsules are empty pharmaceutical pods designed to be filled with herbal and medicinal products for nutritional or therapeutic purposes.

A smooth coating makes them easier to swallow.

Encapsulating your medication in gelatine capsules can also mask the unpleasant taste of ingredients and tablet coatings – so you’re more likely to stick to your prescribed medication regimen.

Empty capsules have two parts – a long body piece and a short cap – and can be filled with powders, granules or oils.

As well as using empty gelatine capsules as a vessel to deliver your herbal or medicinal products, you can also use them to personalise your health needs.

You can customise your dosages when commercial products are too big or small, or combine herbal and supplementary medicines in a single dose.

An easy and practical option for people living busy lifestyles, the capsules are easy to store, transport and consume.

SurgiPack Gelatine Capsules are available in a convenient 100-capsule pack in the 00 capsule size, and are made from 100 per cent bovine pharmaceutical gelatine.

*This post has been brought to you by SurgiPack Gelatine Capsules Size 00 x 100 Capsule Pack. Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Always consult a qualified health care professional or pharmacist for personalised advice and guidance. Store at 15C to 25C, and 35 to 65 per cent relative humidity.