Building up your ‘bone bank’ with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is best known for its role in helping to build strong and healthy bones, but it’s not only adults who need to ensure they’re getting enough of this hard-working vitamin.

Turns out, we can invest in our kids’ future by helping them build a “bank” of strong, healthy bone mass that will support them into later life.

The vital role of our bones

As with most body parts, we don’t often think of our bones until something goes wrong.

It’s easy to take them for granted, despite the vital job they do in supporting our body by allowing us to move and protecting our organs from injury.

While most people know they need plenty of calcium for good strong bones, research shows vitamin D is just as important.

For one, it improves our absorption of calcium. Studies have shown that insufficient vitamin D levels can reduce calcium absorption by up to 50 per cent.

Starting young

When we’re young, our developing bodies make new bone faster than it breaks it down, and our bone mass – the strength and density of bone tissue our skeletons – increases.

The higher your peak bone mass by the time you reach 30 years or so, the more bone you have “in the bank”.

That means you’re less likely to develop weak and brittle bones as you age.

And that means it’s essential to look after your bones throughout life by ensuring enough Vitamin D, calcium and daily physical activity.

Other benefits of vitamin D

Vitamin D also supports our immune system’s function so that we’re able to fight off viruses and bacteria that cause illness.

Science has also found it has a role in helping to ward off excessive fatigue and tiredness.

The vitamin is so important that our bodies make it by itself – but only after our skin is exposed to sufficient sunlight, hence its nickname “the sunshine vitamin”.

Astonishingly, despite our sunny climates, almost one in four Australians are lacking in vitamin D and it’s estimated about one billion people worldwide have low levels of the vitamin in their blood.

Boosting vitamin D levels

While vitamin D is found in some foods, including fatty fish, eggs and some fortified dairy products, it can be hard to get all you need from diet alone. And that’s where supplements can come in.

Ostelin offers a range of supplements for both adults and children, including vitamin D supplements for those looking to boost calcium absorption, and a combination of vitamin D and calcium for those wanting to increase both their calcium intake and absorption.

For the very young, there’s even infant drops, in an easy dosing format to work in harmony with breastfeeding.

Add in a balanced approach to the sunshine, and foods rich in calcium and vitamin D, and look after your family’s bone health at every age.

*This post is brought to you by Ostelin vitamin D and calcium supplements. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.