Six important reasons to drink more water

This is why drinking a glass or three of water is truly vital, especially on these hot summer days.

We drink it, bath in it, play in it and luxuriate in it.  It makes up around two thirds of who we are and influences 100 per cent of the processes in our body. Water is an extraordinary life force and one that science is telling us we should enjoy more!

Not only does it help speed up our metabolism, lose fat, strengthen bones and age more slowly but keeping up our water intakes can also mean a sharper brain, better moods and a stronger body.

But how much is enough?

Accredited dietitian Rebecca Flavel says we should be drinking 6-8 glasses a day.

“You can always add a slice of lemon or other fruit to add some flavour if you’re not a huge fan of plain tasting water,” Rebecca says. “Or unsweetened tea and coffee are another option. Just don’t get tempted to go for the sugar.

With latest studies showing that drinking just two glasses a day can raise your metabolism by 25 per cent, we’re on board the water train.

Here are just some of the reasons we should all make water intake a regular habit.

It helps with weight loss

First things first – can water actually help us shed kilos? It seems the key is downing a few glasses as close to mealtime as possible. Research shows people who drink two glasses of water immediately before a meal eat 22 per cent less than those who don’t.

One extra cup of water a day is said to equal 285 less kilojoules a day, and three cups 858 kilojoules, which is about equal to a 4km walk. We say cheers to that! Soup is said to have the same effect so plate up your favourite and get sated.

It increases our metabolism

Studies have shown that drinking just over two cups of water can increase the body’s metabolic rate by up to at least 25 per cent in healthy men and women. A faster metabolism gives us more energy so what’s not to like. On the reverse side, even mild dehydration can slow down your metabolism by as much as 3 per cent so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Water gives us more energy

While we’re on the subject of dehydration, for those of us who consistently experience fatigue and tiredness, poor concentration and headaches, not enough water can be the problem. Water is vital for the body to function well and is a natural, and cheap, headache remedy. Have a bottle wherever you go, including in the car and on your desk at work, and sip your way through the day.

Builds stronger muscles

Water equals stronger muscles? How does that work? It seems drinking water can help prevent our muscles cramping and also helps build tone, because if our muscles aren’t hydrated they don’t get the electrolytes they need to maintain balance. Muscle is considered an active tissue and water is found in the highest concentrations in active tissues.

Flushes toxins

One of the liver’s most important jobs is detoxifying our bodies, and the kidneys do an awesome job of cleansing the body of toxins too, as long as we’re consuming enough water. By upping our intake we help our body’s fluids transport waste products in and out of cells. Water-soluble waste is able to pass through the kidneys where we say ta ta before its excreted in our urine.

Gives us clearer and healthier skin

As well as all the other notable things water is capable of, many people believe drinking water can also help our skin. While science has yet to prove this, numerous celebrities agree that drinking ample amounts makes a major difference by plumping up the skin, improving our complexion and giving it radiance.

Written by Liz McGrath

If you drink bottled water, be conscious of the type of plastic bottles you drink from as many contain the chemical BPA. Want to know more? Watch Naturopath Dr David Jivan discuss how to manage your exposure to BPA on House of Wellness TV.