How Brodie Harper keeps her cool in summer

As the weather warms up Brodie Harper shares some of her heat-beating beauty ways.

Summer’s here in all its glory, but model and Beauty Break ambassador Brodie Harper isn’t letting the heat slow her down.

While the weather has reduced many to a sweaty and sleep-deprived state, Beauty Break ambassador Brodie Harper manages to keep her cool with some of her favourite beauty products.

Rising temperatures are kept at bay with Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau de Toilette, which she says is “a great summer fragrance.”

Brodie says Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminator is also one of her favourite beauty products, while she finds the Modelco Instant Tan lotion range “works really well with my skin colour. I use it all the time in summer.”

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme mascara is a must-have to give your lashes some extra volume.

“It’s an inexpensive mascara, and everyone compliments me on how long my lashes look when I’m wearing it,” she says.

Brodie is also a big fan of QV Oil Free Face moisturiser.

“The QV products are great, and my whole family can use them. We use the face moisturiser on our little girl as well.”

I’ve just tried to really work hard and be positive and open to everything that life brings.

Brodie is mum to Jessica, 5, and despite her busy work commitments with Chemist Warehouse and Channel Nine’s Postcards travel series, she says being a hands-on parent is very important.

They have made the decision to remain a one-child family after struggling with fertility issues relating to Brodie suffering from polycystic ovaries.

“We decided because it was difficult falling pregnant with Jess that we wouldn’t try for a second one and we would rather just enjoy her rather than going through all the pain and stress of trying for another,” Brodie says.

“So we never take anything for granted with her, and we really try to enjoy it.”

It’s the same zest for life that has seen Brodie’s career continue to thrive since she became a model at 19.

Modelling was the last thing on her mind; she was studying dental nursing at the time, but Brodie embraced the opportunity in her inimitable style.

“I’ve just tried to really work hard and be positive and open to everything that life brings,” she says.

Having self-confidence has also helped her along the way when dealing with the looks-based modelling world.

“I was a late bloomer in terms of modelling, so it was nice to starting at 19 as I knew who I was and I wasn’t easily pushed around,” Brodie says. “I was comfortable in my own skin.”

A keen runner, Brodie managed to fit in time to train for the Melbourne Marathon, which she did in October, followed by the Honolulu Marathon in early December, where she finished 836 out of field of about 30,000 competitors.

I think it’s really important to have goals and stick to them.

Brodie, 36, says she used to hate running, but decided to tackle a marathon, which was on her bucket list, after the birth of her daughter.

“I’ve always like to exercise and I did lots of walking, but then I decided to take up running and it’s almost like meditation for me now,” says Brodie, who is married to professional stand-up paddleboarder Heath Meldrum.

Being busy and driven is the way she likes to live her life.

“I think it’s really important to have goals and stick to them,” she says.

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Written by Erin Miller

Image credit: Andrew Tauber