‘I can’t afford to get sick’: How Elyse Knowles stays fit, fierce and healthy

She’s only 26, but stunning Aussie model, TV presenter and health and wellness warrior Elyse Knowles has squeezed more into life than many people twice her age.

The down-to-earth winner of The Block, who has been modelling since she was 10, says staying healthy and well has always been important.

A daily challenge

“As a freelancer I’m never somewhat sure what I’m going to be doing from day to day,” says Elyse.

“My daily schedules are usually packed – they can be relentless and I can’t afford to get sick!”

The Melbourne-based beauty took her first overseas modelling trip to the United States when she was 17, which opened her eyes to how easy it is to fall into bad eating habits when you’re living out of a suitcase.

“People think modelling is easy but there’s more to it than just the day,” she says.

“I like to cook my own food so that I know I’m eating something healthy.”

Putting her health first

Elyse says we all want to be the healthiest versions of ourselves but wading through a multitude of diets, products and exercises can be confusing.

“We live fast-paced and busy lives but I made a decision when I was young that I was going to be a fit and healthy person,” she says.

“It’s all about how you feel – and when you’ve got 30 or 40 people looking at you during a shoot, being fit gives me confidence.

“So many people ask me what I eat and drink to keep healthy and I always say the same thing – I start every day with a healthy breakfast that includes Vital All-In-One, because I know that it’s giving me everything I need for my day.

“I’m all about getting the probiotics, the prebiotics and all of the minerals that you need in one go -and as someone who doesn’t know from day to day where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing, it’s nice to know I’m getting everything I need, in one go, for the day.”

elyse knowles vital

Addicted to exercise

The stunning blonde admits while it can be difficult with 6am call times, she gets into a “weird mood” if she misses out on exercising.

“I’m addicted to exercise because it’s good for my mental health. When I’m not working I’m into the gym early, I walk the dog and I love getting outdoors,” she says.

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