Guy Sebastian: ‘Delta has been like a big sister for me’

The Voice coach and singer Guy Sebastian knows the benefits that come from being surrounded by good mates such as Delta Goodrem.

He credits fellow The Voice coach Delta Goodrem with easing him into his role on the Channel Nine reality series this year.

“I’d started a new position and I just slotted in,” Guy says.

“And I think that’s largely due to the fact that Delta was so sweet.

“I feel like I’ve always been a big brother to Delta, and now she’s been like a big sister for me because she’s been on the show for ages and just kept helping me the whole way through.”

As well as filming the TV series, Guy, 37, has also had a busy year working on new music, including latest single Choir.

Guy Sebastian on the power of friendships

To relax, Guy hits the gym and spends time on the golf course with good friends.

“Friends are the ones who are there through dark times and when they know you’re going through something or there is something important they check up on you,” Guy says.

He admits that in the past he has sometimes gotten caught up with work and neglected his friendships.

“My mate showed me how bad I was at being a friend,” Guy says.

“When you’re an artist, there is so much focus on you and it’s a bit sad because there are a lot of people who are public figures where all the focus is on them and they forget how to focus on others.

“It’s really rewarding to actually focus a bit of time on other people.”

Guy Sebastian’s new single, Choir, is out now.

Written by Erin Miller.