How champion netballer Laura Geitz keeps fit after retirement

Laura Geitz knows how to look after her body, having worn the green and gold and representing her country, yet motherhood has shifted the goal posts.

As an elite athlete, Laura Geitz is used to a rigorous training schedule.

But since welcoming sons Barney, 3, and Frank, 11 months, the former Australian netballer has shifted her approach to exercise.

“After I had Barney I went back and played professionally and that was just stepping back and expecting my body to do what it did beforehand, which was not the case,” Laura, 32, says.

“I had to adapt to that mentally, in terms of being a bit kinder to my body, to allow it to come back and to take time to let it fully recover and play.”

Life after netball

Laura retired from professional netball in 2018 and welcomed her second son with husband Mark Gilbride in 2019.

“My lifestyle is so different now to when I played,” Laura says. “Having two little people in my life – they become your priority.”

While motherhood comes first for the Chemist Warehouse Healthy Break ambassador, Laura adds that it is important to also look after your own wellness.

“It’s important to have that time out to yourself,” she says. “You have to put your oxygen mask on before anyone else and take that time out to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders.”

Laura Geitz’s healthy balance for mind and body

These days, Laura’s exercise regimen involves family outdoor time and walks with her two sons as well as pilates and yoga.

“My exercise is very much about maintaining and looking after my body,” she says. “It’s what gives me satisfaction at the moment.”

Laura also prioritises what the family eats, with planning her key to healthy meals.

“It’s about being organised and knowing exactly what the meal plan looks like because you do get caught up with life and that’s when you make those poorer decisions in regards to food,” Laura says.

“For me, it’s about having a plan as to what we eat as a family each week and I also try to pre-make things so that when I go to the fridge there is something there for lunch.”

Not that there isn’t the occasional struggle to get her kids to eat healthy!

“Barney is not all that keen on vegies, so I’ve had to be creative,” she laughs.

Laura’s top 3 tips for health and wellbeing:

  • Prioritise exercise to look after your body
  • Plan healthy meals ahead of time
  • Carve out some time out for yourself 

Written by Erin Miller.