Positive living: Luke Hines’ top tips to change your mindset

Luke Hines radiates cheerful vibes, but learning to adopt such a positive state of living was a journey for The House of Wellness co-host.

Sitting behind the scenes at a House of Wellness TV photoshoot, Luke Hines is looking fit, chipper and brimming with positive energy.

With a new TV show and multiple cookbooks under his belt, he’s incredibly excited and proud of the work he’s doing right now.

But one of the first things Luke wants people to know about him is he definitely does NOT have everything sorted out.

Like everyone, he has his lows, but over time he has learned to take control of his mindset and make constructive choices to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Here he shares a little about his positive living journey.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned about healthy living?

“There is absolutely no one-size-fits all approach.

I like a lower carb, healthy fat approach. I love moving my body each day in a way that varies – sometimes it’s beach swimming, other times it’s gym.

But it’s tapping into what works for you – I can’t prescribe what I do to everyone, because it’s not the answer.

Basically it’s about being an intuitive eater, moving your body in a way you look forward to, and that will look different for everybody, and also most importantly trying to work on the mindset.

Limiting time on social media, trying not to compare yourself to others, it’s about staying in your own lane and being confident in that because there’s strength in that.

When you start eating well you’re energised to move, and when you start moving and eating well, you start to think better and they all just feed one another, and it becomes quite addictive. It’s a really positive addiction.”

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How does someone ‘click on’ their mindset to a healthy approach?

“The first thing is understanding that we are not controlled by our thoughts.

Often our brain will send us thoughts and some of them can be self-sabotaging.

They can be negative, they can be that voice in our head that sometimes when we look into the mirror we’re our biggest critics, rather than being our biggest cheerleader, which makes no sense.

It’s understanding that we have our own mind to direct the day in how we need to.

If we wake up and let our thoughts be the director of the day, the day could go anywhere. Can you imagine?

We’d pick ourselves up appearance-wise then go to work and we’d let thoughts and stress and anxiety overrule.

Whereas if we step back for a moment and think ‘I can direct today’, it’s the power of your mind.”

When you changed your mindset to live well, what did it take to fully embrace it?

“I just knew I couldn’t go on the way I was going on to be happy and healthy.

I realised that there’s no quick fix, no magic bullet, no one is going to come and save you, there’s no one waiting in the wings ready to sweep you up and solve your problems.

You’ve actually just got to deal with this sh–, you’ve just got to delve in.

If you are willing to be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable incredible things can happen.”

Do you think you always had that mindset?

“No. And still to this day it ebbs and flows.

A healthy mindset requires work for the rest of your life – our minds are so unique and wonderful and vast.

And there are elements of the unknown, why we think certain ways, conditioning from early childhood, how our parents raised us, our conditions growing up through adolescence.

All these different things have shaped us into who we are, how we react to situations, how we handle stress and anxiety.

I feel like it’s a life long journey – it’s exciting – but it’s a lifelong process.”

Written by Claire Burke.