Michael Bublé: ‘To really love someone, you have to risk it all’

He is the king of romantic music, but Michael Bublé doesn’t need grand gestures to show his love for his wife, family and his many fans.

For a man known worldwide for igniting passion and romance through his music, you might expect Canadian crooner Michael Bublé to have big plans for Valentine’s Day.

“Well, I’m here (in Australia) with my wife (Luisana) and my three kids, too, so I don’t know if we’re going to have that alone time,” Michael, 44, says with a laugh.

“So I was thinking maybe we could rent a movie and put up a little screen in the hotel room and maybe get some bean bag chairs and some candy and we can watch a family movie.”

And that sums up the humble singer, who admits to loving nothing more than being “present”.

“I am really passionate about being in the moment,” Michael says.

“And that is really hard to do. I’m not great at it, but I really try to remind myself that I am very lucky, we are all very lucky, to be alive and to be here and I think that reminds me to bring passion into just living. Even in the everyday, mundane things you can have passion, as long as you are in the moment.”

What Michael Bublé has learnt about love

When asked what he has learnt about love throughout his life, he replies: “I’ve learnt that it’s expensive.

“I don’t mean expensive in money. To really love someone costs a lot; it’s a massive risk. Because love is a big word, love is a complicated word and to really love someone you have to risk it all because you risk loss, and you risk hurt and you risk all kinds of pain.

“But there is nothing as worthy as giving that gift and there is nothing as great as getting that gift of love, especially the unconditional kind.”

Poignant words for a man who stepped away from music for two years after his oldest son, Noah, was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016.

‘Australia has been a massive part of my life’

Now in Australia with his An Evening with Michael Buble tour, Michael jumped at the chance to throw his support behind Australia’s bushfire appeal with a live cross from his Melbourne concert at Rod Laver Arena this Sunday to the Fire Fight Australia concert in Sydney.

Michael said he felt compelled to help, because Australia means so much to him.

“I have been coming here for 18 years, since the start of 2002. This country means a lot to me and it has been a massive part of my life and I felt absolutely horrible for you (Australians).

“I made the call through my management to (promoter) Paul Dainty and I asked what it was that I could do and how I could be a part of chipping in.”

His message to anyone who has suffered trauma or personal loss through the bushfires: “I love those people”.

“Those people are my family away from my family. Although my thoughts and my prayers are with them, I hope they understand that my thoughts and prayers are not the only thing that I’m giving.

“Now is the time for action and now is the time for artists just like me to put their money and their time where their mouth is.”

Introducing Michael Bublé’s new fragrance, Passion

While Michael’s love for music and his fans is obvious, he also has a new passion – his latest fragrance.

Fittingly called Michael Bublé Passion, Michael describes the sixth fragrance in his line as “exciting and exuberant”.

“I love it,” he says. “It starts as very fruity when you first smell it, but then because of the notes of vanilla and sandalwood it becomes a bit more adult.

“It’s actually quite sexy – I love it, I love it on my wife and more importantly, she loves it.”

Michael also loves the creative process of designing a fragrance.

“As a musician, a person who loves to create, my job is to bring notes together in harmony and it’s kind of what I get to do with a new fragrance,” he says.

“I get to bring my favourite notes together in harmony in the same way a musician writes a symphony – I see it as another way to express myself as an artist.”

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Written by Laeta Crawford.