Why Pete Murray has launched his own wellness retreat in Byron Bay

The Aussie singer and songwriter is putting a fresh twist on a rock’n’roll lifestyle by blending his love of music with his passion for health and fitness.

Along with muso mate Benny Owen, Pete has created Music and Movements Escape in Byron Bay, a four-night wellness retreat combining music with exercise in a five-star experience. The ARIA nominated rocker recently caught up with The House of Wellness to explain his motivation for developing a health retreat.

Tell us a little about why you’ve created Music and Movements Escape with Benny?

Benny and I have known each other for years now. We first meet around 2004 at a festival somewhere back when Benny was playing drums for Ash Grunwald. Benny was a pretty large fella back then. It had been a little while since I had seen Benny and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that he was looking fit and trim. He had changed his body and mind set completely. He documented this transformation in his book ‘Switch to Slim’. We had always both shared a passion for music but now we both shared a passion for fitness also.

Benny approached me a little while ago about the idea of trying to do a retreat that combined music and fitness and I was totally into the idea. He then mentioned doing it at Elements Resort at Byron Bay which made it even better. What better way to spend a holiday with a live acoustic gig on the beach and also getting involved with different fun healthy activities.

Describe the retreat for us. 

This retreat is the first of its kind, set in beautiful Byron Bay. By combining music and fitness we bring people a unique experience.

This world first escape will be held in February 2018. Music and Movement Escapes offer luxurious accommodation located walking distance from the ocean with one of Australia’s most breathtaking pools, gourmet restaurants and a luxury spa.

Keeping healthy and looking good is really 80 per cent diet and 20 per cent fitness work. Eat well and you will feel way better.

There will be the opportunity to do two fitness training sessions with me, guided by fitness expert Benny Owen, as well as a sunset acoustic set from me on Valentine’s day. Plus there is a complimentary surf lesson and many other activities to fill your days with fun and relaxation. There is yoga before breakfast every morning and horse riding along the beach. If you prefer to kick back and relax you can simply sit by the pool with a drink.

The main goal with Music and Movement Escapes is to give people the chance to spend more time with their favourite artist and have a life changing, positive experience. For this first retreat the artist is me but in the future we would like to do this with other well-known artists.

Benny Owen and Pete Murray are launching their own wellness retreat

How do you look after your wellbeing?

I was always involved in sport when I was growing up and I have always wanted to stay fit and healthy. I have a good combination of diet, exercise in the gym and also fun exercise like surfing. Surfing is also great for your mind. If I’m ever feeling stressed a quick surf will always fix me up.

What is your usual exercise regimen? 

In the gym it’s different every day. Some days are strength days and others are cardio. My favourite exercise to do is called ‘Man Makers’. They are so hard but so good for your whole body. It is too hard to explain so check them out on my Instagram.

What is your ultimate way to spend a day off?

I like to get to the beach for a surf or just to hang out and swim. I’m a water child so I like staying close to it.

How do you look after your diet when you’re on the road touring?

This can get really hard at times but in most cases I stick to salads where I can. I try to stay gluten free and dairy free so this makes it even harder. Most times I’m away I’ll try to take some healthy treats from home incase I get stuck.

You’re nearing 50 – what advice would you give to other men to encourage them to stay active? 

I find it quite easy to stay fit and healthy if you eat the right food. Keeping healthy and looking good is really 80 per cent diet and 20 per cent fitness work. Eat well and you will feel way better.

What are your goals for 2018?

I’m about to drop another single in January off my new album ‘Camacho’ and I have a bunch of dates that I’ll be playing shows. I would also like to record another album this year so it will be a busy year.

Music And Movement Escapes are from Monday February 12 to Friday February 16, 2018 at Elements of Byron Resort and Spa.

For more information and tickets visit www.musicandmovementescapes.com

Image credit: Mira Eady