The beauty routine Silvana Philippoussis swears by

Silvana Philippoussis has mastered the effortless yet polished look. The former model and My.Organics ambassador reveals her go-to products.

As a former model who has travelled the world for work, Silvana Philippoussis has certainly mastered the effortless, yet polished, look.

For the past few years, Silvana, 34, has been based in San Diego, California, with her husband, tennis player Mark Philippoussis, and their son Nicholas, four.

However the couple, expecting their second child in August, are planning to move home to Melbourne to be closer to family.

We caught up with Silvana to discuss the secret to her luscious mane, her diet and the skincare product she always packs on long-haul flights.

You’re the ambassador for My Organics. What do you love about the brand?

It’s been an incredible experience working with My Organics. The product speaks for itself. I love the fact they’re all natural and organic, and the smell is derived from essential oils. They’re beautiful products.

Do you have a favourite My Organics product?

I’ve got two go-to products.

The first I love to use on my hair straight out of the shower is the Angel Potion, which is just a dream. I’ve used detanglers before, but this is just like magic in a bottle. My comb just goes straight through my hair and I have no tangles.

Then when I dry it, I use the Restructuring Fluid Potion and that gives me shine and protection from when I use my curling tongs.

Those two products combined are a bomb.

Have you got any tips for looking after your hair?

Because we travel a lot and the water is different everywhere, sometimes I find my scalp is a little irritated. I use coconut oil or olive oil and I’ll just give my scalp a little massage and that tends to fix that.

If I ever run out of products, I’ll use coconut oil all over my hair as a masque and sleep with that on overnight. Luckily my husband likes the smell of it!

I also limit the amount of heat I put on it and try to let my hair dry naturally whenever possible, and that just gives your hair a break.

My hair is wavy naturally and I do get a lot of flyaways, so I just put a bit of the Restructuring Fluid Potion in it and that tames it.

As well as your gorgeous hair, what’s in your skincare kit?

I like to live by my dad’s philosophy as he would always tell me to just keep it simple.

I love Neutrogena products and I’ve been using them since I was really young.

I also love the Elizabeth Arden eight-hour cream and will pop some of that under my eyes when I’m flying or overnight.

What about when it comes to diet – what’s a usual day on a plate for you?

We eat very clean in this family.

Mark is still playing tennis, and even if he wasn’t, he’s formed that habit of eating clean.

I’m the same – my whole life, soda and fruit juice was banned in my family because they have too much sugar.

For breakfast we love oats or quinoa, or eggs on toast and avocado.

And then lunch we’ll do some steamed fish and rice, and then I like to do a roast for dinner with vegetables or salad.

For more on how Silvana embraces motherhood and a busy life on the road, pick up the latest edition of The House of Wellness out now.

Written by Erin Miller

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