Sunday Aryang’s secrets to self-belief and taking on the world

When Sunday Aryang steps on court with the Australian Diamonds, it’s imperative that she feels confident and strong.

The star netball defender needs to feel both emotionally and physically ready to take on the world’s best players.

She says preparation is key to taking the pressure off on game days.

“Visualisation is also something that helps during these moments – imagining myself succeeding and feeling confident helps a lot for me.

“Positive self-talk in these moments makes a difference for me.”

Sunday, the first African-born woman to play international netball for Australia, says setting achievable goals and surrounding herself with positive people have also helped her develop self-belief over the years.

And while success is always golden, she says setbacks are also an important part of the personal growth toolkit.

“Failure is part of a learning process,” Sunday says.

“In those moments I try to be kind to myself. Being a professional athlete can be tough, but it’s what we do in the tough moments that count.

“Instead of dwelling on the disappointment, I try to learn from my experience and analyse what went wrong and how to improve it and move on from there.”

‘Prioritise self-care’

Sunday also says making time for self-care is also vital for boosting confidence inside and out.

“I love going for walks; it allows me to have some time to myself and practise mindfulness,” she says.

“I look after my wellbeing by seeking help when needed, staying connected with friends and family, and by practising mindfulness, deep breathing and time management.

“Prioritise self-care – you’re always at your best when you are physically and mentally charged.

“And never forget to get enough sleep so your body gets the rest and recovery needed.”

On top of their game

As a Cetaphil Face the World ambassador, Sunday is part of the brand’s “dream team” of female athletes alongside Australian swimmer Emma McKeon, NRLW player Jessica Sergis, athlete Bendere Oboya, Matildas gun Hayley Raso, AFLW champion Erin Phillips and cricketer Beth Mooney.

“I admire female athletes for their dedication, hard work, and resilience,” she says.

Sunday says when it comes to her own skincare, she likes to keep it simple.

“I’m a very simple girl, I don’t have many secrets. I just use a gentle face wash,” she says.

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