Turia Pitt on family and her ‘happy place’

Inspirational speaker, runner and mum Turia Pitt has found a way to combine her love of the outdoors with being super sun smart.

The word inspirational was surely invented to describe burns survivor Turia Pitt.

The ultra-marathon runner isn’t someone you could hold back from achieving something.

Since enduring burns to 60 per cent of her body in a grass fire in 2011, Turia has defied all expectations with the goals she’s smashed – ranging from writing books to completing the Kokoda Track.

“The awesome thing about mindset? It’s not set in stone,” the 32-year-old says.

“You can shift your attitudes and beliefs any time you want. So why have a mindset that keeps you stuck, when you can choose to create a mindset that fuels you forward?”

Family tops all for Turia

Turia, who is expecting her second child with fiancé Michael Hoskin, admits having son Hakavai, who turns 2 in December, completely changed her life.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is her love of the great outdoors. Her ultimate “happy place” is at the beach.

“Being outdoors has always been part of my life and it’s just so great to continue this tradition with Hakavai,” Turia says.

“I can’t wait to teach him how to surf and Michael’s keen to get him fishing.”

The Avène ambassador says an active outdoor lifestyle makes her extra cautious when it comes to protecting not only her own sensitive skin, but that of her family, from the harsh Australian sun.

avene sun care

Sun care for sensitive skin

The Avène Sun Care range is specifically designed for sensitive skin in need of strong protection against damaging UVB-UVA rays*, which Turia says makes the popular French brand ideal for her and her family.

Cancer Council Australia says sun exposure is the cause of around 99 per cent of non-melanoma skin cancers and 95 per cent of melanomas in Australia.

Avène sunscreens are water resistant up to 40 minutes, hypoallergenic and offer the highest level of SPF for sensitive skin** as well as being easy to apply. The spray for children is also fragrance free.

There’s also a variety of skincare adapted to different skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and mild to hypersensitive skin and all Avène products can be used in combination with the brand’s sunscreens.

Drawing strength from nature

With her sun care looked after, Turia says she’ll continue to draw strength from being outdoors.

“When I feel down or flat, I choose to do the things that make me feel good – surf, run, spend time with people who make me feel good,” she says.

And judging by what’s in store for this remarkable humanitarian and author in 2020, it’s the perfect tonic for what’s going to be a super busy time.

“On top of a beautiful new bub, there’s lots of exciting things in the work on the business front as well,” she smiles. “So exciting times ahead!”

Written by Liz McGrath.

This post is brought to you by the Avène Sun Care range.

*ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Avoid prolonged high-risk sun exposure. Frequent re-application or use in accordance with directions is required for effective sun protection. Wear protective clothing, hats and eyewear when exposed to the sun.

**Highest label claim allowed as per AS/NZS 2064:2012; Very High. SPF 50+, Broad Spectrum.