How Zoe Bingley-Pullin stays optimistic despite life’s challenges

Zoe Bingley-Pullin’s zest for life is evident. Freely skipping from subject to subject, she details triumphs and trials with equal candidness.

The successful businesswoman and mother of one has been blessed with unique learning experiences, which include training as a chef at Le Cordon Bleu’s London campus and, in her 20s, working in the south of France, where she developed her passion for food.

On her return to Australia she started her own business, obtained a diploma of nutrition and began working in television — first on Network Ten and now as a regular on The House of Wellness on Channel 7.

But her story hasn’t always been so fortunate. Zoe, 40, battled through school with dyslexia and struggled with fertility and IVF when she wanted to start a family, which led to some serious mental health issues.

“I thought I was this healthy, invincible woman. Procreation is meant to be the most organic, easy thing for a woman and I couldn’t do it. I just felt so sad, and didn’t know which way to turn,” Zoe tells The House of Wellness liftout, out now.

Staying strong

Yet, in testament to her strength of character, Zoe has taken the good with the bad, reaching out for help when needed and developing coping mechanisms to manage challenging days while maintaining an optimistic outlook on life.

“I had so many little things happen to me and as a result I’m a pretty resilient woman. I have a positive perspective on life and it’s taught me to not be too hard on people,” she says.

Emily, 4, is her only child and after trying unsuccessfully for a second baby for a number of years, Zoe and husband Michael recently closed that chapter of their lives.

“I have one beautiful, beautiful baby girl who I look at and love every day. I just sadly went through another miscarriage, so we’ve decided to call it quits now. I look at my little girl in a newer light and think, ‘Wow, that really was a miracle’.”

‘I love telling stories that are real’

Zoe is now focused on the joys of family, along with tending to her own wellbeing.

That means getting enough exercise, creating good, healthy food, and working as a nutrition presenter on The House of Wellness.

She also has her Nutritional Edge consultancy and Falling in Love With Food healthy living program.

“I love the diversity of my business. I love the work I’m doing with Chemist Warehouse and The House of Wellness, which is really dynamic. It’s probably the best group of people I’ve ever worked with in TV,” she says.

“It’s really interesting and dynamic information, and I value that we’re talking about everything from aerial yoga to men’s mental health. We’re not shying away from the stories that are real.”

Healthy eating is the key to living well

As a nutritionist, Zoe would prefer to shift the diet focus away from weight loss and instead educate people to enjoy a healthy food platter with a functional eating plan.

With the same positivity and energy she applies to life, Zoe has created her Falling in Love With Food online program —complemented by her recipe book of the same name — to demonstrate the foundations of health and nutrition, meal plans and cooking classes.

“We teach people how to keep a food plan, what the food groups are and how to cook,” she says. “I find people have lost those skills and just need a bit of support. Simplicity and building it into your routine is the only way you’re going to be able to eat well for life.”

Zoe is giving away 20 copies of Falling in Love with Food and access to 10 FILWF online programs. Email before July 31, 2018, and tell us what you love about food in 25 words or less. 

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Written by Claire Burke.