Costeen Hatzi’s journey from WAG to businesswoman

Two years ago, she was just the girlfriend of Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios. Now, Costeen Hatzi is forging a name for herself all on her own.

Costeen Hatzi is the first to admit that high-profile relationships can open doors, but she’s choosing to run with it, carving her own career in the process.

Life is far from average for the 24-year-old Sydneysider, who spends her time travelling the world while juggling business ventures, content creation, an ambassador role with Bondi Sands and media interest in her personal life — her reality since entering a relationship with tennis star Nick Kyrgios in late 2021.

“I had no idea what I was really getting into. Growing up, I had a very normal upbringing and my family didn’t know anyone famous, so I was naive in that sense,” Costeen says.

“Nick said, ‘Look, if we’re going to be together, there’s going to be media attention, articles, all that,’ and even then I didn’t really believe him; I didn’t expect my life to change.

“Once we started dating, I quickly understood what he was talking about.”

Public interest

A relationship’s early stages can be overwhelming, let alone when you are dating one of Australia’s biggest names in sport.

Costeen recalls media camping outside her mother’s house and the sense that her private life was no longer just hers.

Within the first month of dating, the couple were approached to feature in the Netflix tennis docuseries Break Point, and suddenly she had to adjust to public interest not just in Australia, but all over the world.

“It was really intense. We filmed during the Australian Open, and the film crew would follow us around everywhere, which I wasn’t used to at all,”  Costeen says.

“I kept asking Nick, ‘Is this how it’s always going to be?’”

“(But) the camera crew were lovely and it’s nice to have that period of our relationship captured forever. It was a new experience for us both.”

Of course, with Netflix sports docuseries, it’s not just the sports stars that viewers are interested in, but also their partners, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez stars in her own Netflix series, I am Georgina.

As for whether a Netflix series of her own could be a future career move, Costeen is open to the possibility.

“I would probably do it if I was approached, but I also feel like because I’m so accustomed to my life, there’s not much to show,” she says.

“I guess there’s always an element of curiosity from the outside looking in, and I really enjoyed bingeing I am Georgina, so we’ll have to see.”

Work ethic

The seeds of Costeen’s business-oriented mindset were sown long before she met Nick.

She credits her strong sense of ambition to her parents.

“Both my parents are career focused, so I grew up in a family where being driven and ambitious was the norm, and I always knew I wanted to be successful, work hard and have a good life,” Costeen says.

Before meeting Nick, Costeen was busy completing her degree in psychological science while juggling a job at a car dealership, her own furniture sales business and creating content on social media.

“Nick and I actually met through my furniture business, Casa Amor, which was a small business venture I ran during the pandemic,” Costeen says.

“Content creation was always an interest of mine and something I leaned into, and I had a content creation side gig right before I met Nick, so I think even if we never got together, it would have been an industry I pursued.”

Healthy living

Being in a relationship with a professional athlete has its less obvious perks, such as Nick’s influence on her approach to fitness and wellness, which even inspired her 17-year-old brother to overhaul his lifestyle habits.

“Before we dated, I was going to the gym and living a fairly healthy lifestyle, but being with him has put me on another level. He’s really strict with his diet and exercise, so I’ve definitely followed his example and eat a lot healthier now,” she says.

In terms of self-care, Costeen starts her mornings with some stretches and yoga, which helps her adopt a fresh mindset for the day.

She also does Pilates four times a week and takes regular walks throughout the week with Nick and her puppy.

Although she keeps positive and upbeat, that doesn’t mean misconceptions about her life and her relationship with Nick don’t get to her at times.

“A lot of people dislike or hate on the WAG expression and presume partners of sports stars don’t do anything with their lives or that they cling to the spotlight, but that hasn’t been my experience at all,” she says.

“Being a WAG has opened so many doors for me. I’ve had so many opportunities and I have an incredibly supportive relationship with Nick, so I wish the expression was less polarising.”

Giving support

Like other power couples in sport, their relationship incorporates the positive qualities less discussed in media, such as being each other’s support system.

“We support and encourage each other so much and I try to help Nick wherever I can, whether that be at home, running errands or simply creating a positive mindset to help him play his best on court,” Costeen says.

That’s not to say they haven’t overcome personal hurdles together, such as pregnancy rumours simply due to innocent hand placement in a photo.

“The pregnancy rumours were ridiculous; I literally just had a sore stomach. Beyond that, reading articles about Nick’s past life and the drama with court proceedings, stuff like that, is hard because I just want to move on and not think about it,” she says.

One way the couple tunes out negative press is by using their energy to help others.

“The Sony Foundation and their You Can Stay program is a cause close to my heart, which is why Nick and I raised money (recently) to help provide accommodation for families whose children have cancer,” Costeen says.

Skincare routine

Costeen is also a big advocate for sun safety, which she supports through her role as a Bondi Sands ambassador.

She is also the face of the new Bondi Sands Technocolor Self Tanning Face Serum magenta shade, currently exclusive to Chemist Warehouse.

“I’ve worked with Bondi Sands for a few years now and love their products, so it was a natural partnership for me. I use their face sunscreen every morning before I go on my walk, which is so important because we don’t want sun damage,” she says.

A self-confessed beauty lover since early childhood, Costeen adopts a less-is-more approach for her daily make-up routine.

“I like to start with a skin luminiser as the base, which gives the best glow to your skin,” she says.

“Then I’ll pair it with a creamy concealer and I’ll use that on any areas that need more coverage, like under my eyes and blemishes, paired with a moisturising lip balm.”

On the horizon

As for what’s next, Costeen would like to further delve into two of her passions: fashion styling and beauty.

“Putting together an outfit can be so fun, creative and empowering. When you look good, you feel good, and I get to explore this passion through my clothing hire business, Style Studio Dress Hire,” she says.

“Beauty is another big part of my life and one day I’d love to launch a beauty line of my own.”

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Written by Charlotte Brundrett.