Meet our new The House of Wellness TV team

With a stellar line-up, The House of Wellness TV team is brimming with fresh energy to deliver the best healthy lifestyle advice.

Taking a little time out to enjoy an hour exploring topical wellness information with The House of Wellness TV show has become a regular Sunday staple in many households around Australia.

Since launching in 2017, The House of Wellness has developed a following for its informative and entertaining approach to lifestyle matters such as relationships, diet, fitness and mindfulness.

In 2019, viewers will get to know a four-person hosting panel including several new faces.

Introducing the new The House of Wellness TV team …

Jo Stanley, part of the show since 2018, is joined by former AFL player and now media commentator Luke Darcy, TV presenter, model and fitness coach Rachael Finch, and nutrition and fitness expert Luke Hines.

Executive producer Anna Gregory describes the show as a “wellness power hour” delivered by four people who share a passion for being the best they can – in body, mind and spirit.

“Our hosts all have a different approach to health and fitness,” Anna says.

“Darc from life as an elite athlete to pursuing mindfulness; Luke from being bullied as a young child to one of the country’s most impressive chefs and fitness coaches; Rachael from the pressures of modelling to the appreciation of quality food; and Jo from radio personality to a focus on embracing all that’s good for body and mind.”

What to expect from the new-look The House of Wellness TV show

The show will cover everything from sensitive health issues to emotional challenges at all life’s stages, the latest in medical treatments, as well as food, spirituality and fitness.

“We want this to be the TV show that changes lives,” Anna says.

“If it challenges one person to get up off the couch, or to be a better version of themselves in mind or body, enlightens and creates awareness, or simply puts a smile on someone’s face, then we’ve achieved something great.”

Get to know The House of Wellness TV hosts:

The House of Wellness TV team
L-R: Luke Hines, Jo Stanley, Rachael Finch, and Luke Darcy

Rachael Finch

Personal trainer, health coach, businesswoman, model and former Miss Universe Australia, there’s a lot to admire about Rachael Finch.

But it’s her easy, laid-back attitude that stands out on the day we meet.

Dealing with flight diversions and schedule delays – all while travelling a child – might rattle most people.

But when it happens to Rachael, she simply rolls with it, rationalising that it’s out of her control so she should not waste energy worrying about it.

It’s a philosophy she lives by, instead focusing her attention on her family – husband Michael Miziner and children Violet and Dominic – and her passion for a positive lifestyle.

What do you hope to bring to The House of Wellness team?

I love sharing my passion and knowledge on all things health and wellness, and I can’t wait to bring viewers on a journey with me to learn even more.

I’m a sucker for information that helps me get stronger, happier and healthier, and I’m excited about what’s in store on the show.

How does wellness influence your lifestyle?

Wellness is exactly that, a lifestyle. It’s not a fad or something I go in and out of.

From the moment I wake, I’m choosing to do things based upon how good I want to feel and how I want my happiness to grow.

I’m conscious about the food I eat, the way I move my body, the people I surround myself with, how I train my mind and much more.

Are there particular topics you’re passionate about?

I think about it from a perspective of, “what do I try to learn and include in my own life to make my own mind and body better?” – that’s what I want to pass on to other people.

I’m a big believer in holistic approach. Sleep is equally as important as movement, meals, meditation, mindfulness; it’s all encompassing.

How have you learned to not worry about the things you can’t control?

It’s educating ourselves to switching that mindset to, “I cannot control it so I should not react”.

It’s just going back to thinking on a positive path, and thinking, “let’s invest that time being more productive, versus adding more fuel to the fire”.

Get over it, think positively and work on things that you can fix.

What’s your advice for someone starting their wellness journey?

My brother always says “every step, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction”.

You don’t need to be a green juice-drinking yogi to reap the benefits of a healthy life.

Start with small changes, whether that is moving your body more or learning to make healthier meals. It all adds up.

Fun fact about you:

When I was younger my dream was to compete in the Olympics for long jump and 200m.

I played sport my entire childhood then switched to modelling at 16. I’m also learning how to speak Russian.

Luke Hines

Personal trainer Luke Hines first rose to prominence as a contestant on My Kitchen Rules in 2013, and since then has championed the benefits of clean eating, keeping active and having a positive mindset.

While Luke exudes confidence and optimism, he is the first to admit life hasn’t always been easy.

He was bullied and overweight as a teen, yet came to realise he had the power to redirect the course of his life.

Now as a co-host of The House of Wellness, Luke can share his passion for wellness and empowering others to live healthier.

What does working on The House of Wellness mean to you?

It’s been a goal of mine for a long time.

I did My Kitchen Rules a few years ago, which gave me a really great foot in the door for food, health and TV.

My goal was to get a job working in television, but I wanted it to reflect what I’m passionate about and genuinely believe in.

When The House of Wellness came up, I actually had to pinch myself.

What are you looking forward to most on the show?

We’ve got a really broad mix of hosts, and we get to work together and discuss issues that are close to our hearts.

I don’t think there’s one panellist who doesn’t agree that health and happiness is paramount, but I think we’ve all got slightly different versions of what that looks like.

We’ve all got our particular niches and passions, and I think sharing those is going to be really exciting.

You’re passionate about food – how can it change your life?

Exponentially. Food can improve your mood, food is medicine.

If someone is not eating right, the other parts of their life are going to be out of line.

We use the word “disease”, but I love breaking it into the two words, dis-ease.

When you’re not eating well there is dis-ease — digestive distress, hormonal imbalance, mood fluctuations and sleep problems.

What does your wellness routine look like?

I must get up at sunrise or before.

I think being awake before or as the sun rises has empowering energy.

But also it gives you the best part of the day. You get things done.

Sometimes it gets to 9am and you’re amazed at what you’ve already achieved for the day.

You’ve had a workout, you’ve had a really good breakfast, you’ve cleared your inbox, where others are just getting to work.

What topics would you like to bring to the forefront on The House of Wellness TV?

Showing that there must be synergy between the meals, fitness and mindset.

It’s very easy to cook a healthy meal, but if people don’t move their body and think right nothing will change.

If they thrash their body in HIIT classes, nothing will change unless they’re eating and thinking well.

The perfect balance between the three complement each other.

And trying to let people know they’re not alone.

Everyone has their battles and their struggles, and if I can share mine and it makes one less person feel alone, job done.

Fun fact about you:

I’m a massive dinosaur geek. And I’m equally obsessed with my dog, Chia.

jo stanley, rachael finch, luke hines, luke darcy

Jo Stanley

A radio veteran and TV personality, Jo Stanley’s interest in health and wellness has evolved over the past two decades as she’s continued to learn new and innovative ways to optimise her personal wellbeing.

She loves that The House of Wellness TV provides her the opportunity to be herself while discussing interesting and topical health items that have the potential to change people’s lives for the better.

What do you love about The House of Wellness?

I think it’s unique in its commitment to happiness, health and wellness.

It’s very positive and uplifting.

It comes from a basis of kindness, compassion and caring for each other and wanting us all to live better, and healthier and happier.

It’s so nice to be part of something that has that as its genuine vision.

What is wellness to you?

For me, it means living consciously.

That’s making the right choices in what you eat, the exercise you do and knowing what makes your body happy, to consciously engage in positive relationships and being present and grateful, and staying in this moment.

And, most importantly, conscious parenting — being positive and uplifting for my daughter and sharing with her those skills in how to live consciously.

Describe your wellness routine

I try to meditate every day and exercise four times a week.

On a daily minute-to-minute basis, I try to stay present and feel gratitude and joy — they’re my drivers.

What’s your advice for living a positive lifestyle?

I’ve learned as an adult to accept that “you are enough”. You alone are enough.

None of this is about changing who you are.

If you want to make changes, it’s not because you’re not good enough; it might because you’re unhappy or you might not feel like you’re living your full potential.

I would say to stop and breathe and allow stillness in your life.

What do you love about working on The House of Wellness TV?

I really enjoy the breadth of stories.

I love that there’s a very broadminded approach to what wellness means.

I’ve done stories that have had important messages like breast cancer awareness, right through to crazy things like aerial yoga, where I had to swing upside down on a trapeze, to beautiful stories like one about Aboriginal spiritual healers.

I love that openness to anything that will mean you are a living a healthier, happier life.

And getting to talk to some of the best experts in their field.

Fun fact about you:

I hate bananas. I am repulsed by them. I can’t stand the smell or the sound of someone eating one.

Luke Darcy

Growing up in rural South Australia, all Luke Darcy wanted to do was play Aussie Rules football.

The son of publican parents and one of four children, he fulfilled his dream in 1994 when he debuted for the Western Bulldogs.

It during his 226-game AFL career in the western suburbs of Melbourne in the mid-1990s that he was first introduced to meditation.

Since retiring from footy in 2007, Luke, 43, has worked as an AFL commentator on TV and radio.

Meditation has become an increasingly bigger part of his life and he now co-owns Sukhavati Ayurvedic Retreat and Spa in Bali.

What does wellness mean to you?

I think about exercise, diet and wellbeing every day — it’s a real passion.

I’ve been a meditator for more than 20 years.

Most people struggle (with meditation) because they hate the idea of slowing down because they’re so busy, but I would argue 20 minutes twice a day, and slowing your system down, you’re going to think clearer and have better decision making.

Is it a bit of a shift for you to step into a wellness lifestyle program?

Yeah, it is. I could sit and talk about footy with my eyes closed because that’s what I always wanted to do and did.

But I feel comfortable because my life’s morphed into this space through meditation, and I’m really passionate about the benefits — it’s something I love talking about.

You have four children, what health advice do you offer them?

I talk to them about the 80/20 rule.

They know their mum and dad are passionate about how we eat and exercise, but not to the point where you can’t have fun.

If they’re at the beach or a party, enjoy some treat foods.

But when you have a choice when you’re at home and you want to feel good, make healthier food choices.

What are some important lessons you’ve picked up through healthy living?

The practice of taking time out and slowing down. Being self-aware and self-reflective.

I’ve found in the meditation space it makes you self-reflect and think, “What can I change to live a better life and a happier life?”

It’s something I think about every day; the ability within yourself to live the life you want to live – it’s pretty important for me.

Fun fact about you:

My whole family and I have a business owning and running pubs, but my siblings always laugh at me because I’ve never pulled a beer!

Written by Claire Burke.