The real dangers of a desk job

Physiotherapist Anna-Louise Bouvier shares the simple adjustments you can make to your work station to help take the load off your body.

If you think sitting at your desk is killing you… you may be right.

A huge body of international research is showing that sitting for over 4 hours a day not only makes your back ache, but also drops your glucose metabolism, decreases your ability to burn fat and makes your muscles switch off. All of which makes you tired, makes it harder to concentrate and to be productive. – it can also make you hungry.

The Baker Research Institute found that people who sit for more than eight hours a day are at a 15 per cent greater risk of early death, and those who sit for longer than 11 hours a day are at a 40 per cent greater risk of early death, after accounting for age, smoking and other factors.

The average Australian adult sits for about nine hours each day.

Clearly, we need to move more and sit less.

From eating your lunch standing, to walking meetings with colleagues, there’s lots of simple ways you can incorporate more movement into your day.

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