10 parenting hacks you need to know

It’s no secret that being a parent to babies and toddlers is no easy feat, but as Jo Stanley discovered there’s some simple hacks you can use to make life that little bit easier.

Designed to maximise your time, simplify your life and keep your sanity intact, these DIY hacks for the home and car are quick and easy to pull together and make use of everyday items.

Hacks for the car

“It’s important to maintain your sanity and safety while driving,” Jo says. “So keeping the kids happy in the back seat is a must.”

These two simple hacks ensure your kids have everything they need within easy reach.

shower caddies

Credit: Pinterest

  1. Hang a cupboard shoe bag on the back of the car seat and fill with essentials, like water bottles, toys or healthy snacks.
  2. Shower suction caddies can be used on car windows for toys, snacks or pencils that are easy for little hands to reach.

These will keep kids occupied for everything from quick trips to family holidays.

Hacks for the home

Every year in Australia it’s estimated that 320,000 children under the age of 15 are treated in hospital as the result of accidents, many which happen at home.

Kids under five are most at risk.

But as Jo found, the humble pool noodle is a cheap and unique way to toddler-proof house danger zones.

  1. Pool noodle for sharp table corners
  2. Pool noodle under fitted sheet so kids don’t roll out of bed

Simply slice a section of noodle in half and slide it over each corner of tables with sharp corners or place a whole noodle under a fitted sheet to create a bumper bar so young kids don’t roll out of bed.

And for bathroom and kitchen taps?

“It’s difficult to teach kids good hygiene when they can’t actually reach the water from a tap,” Jo says. “Convert an empty plastic container into a tap extender.”

  1. Recycled shampoo bottle over a tap to funnel water outwards

Or how about creating a ‘weighted hand’, for littlies who need to be held or patted to sleep. Simply fill a glove with rice and make sure the end is sewn up. Pat your child a few times and then leave the glove resting on their back.

  1. Comfort glove hand for babies

Two hacks Jo tested in her own home – using clip boards hanging on the wall allowing you to rotate your child’s precious artwork and hiding sweets in healthy food packets. Block of chocolate hidden in the frozen pea packet anyone?

Credit: The Chic Site

  1. Clip boards for rotating kids’ artwork
  2. Hiding sweets in healthy food packets (safe even from Dad!)

And two tried and true favourites you won’t be able to live without. Every parent in the world will understand the need for these.

  1. Hook on the back of the high chair for hanging bibs or face washers
  2. Ice creams and icy poles eaten through a hole in a paper plate

We’re convinced at least one of these, if not all, will make life easier and give you back your sanity, at least for a little while.

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