Seven tips for preparing your primary school child for school

With a new school year right around the corner, here’s all the advice you need to help get your kids ready for school.

Starting school or being in a new classroom can be daunting for children (and their parents), but there are many ways you can prepare for the new school year.

Make the transition as smooth as possible by planning ahead and having discussions with your child about what to expect so they’re ready for the upcoming changes.

Here are some useful tips for getting school ready.

Practise the new daily routine

In the lead-up to the first day of school, do a few rehearsal runs to get them used to the school drop-off routine and take a stroll around the school grounds with them. This will help children get accustomed to the routine change and build their confidence in knowing their new surroundings.

If children will be catching public transport, riding a bike or walking to school, make sure they know the route and feel secure in doing it without parental supervision.

Prepare for lunch time

Get children involved in packing their snacks and lunches by taking them shopping for a new lunch box and stock the pantry with suitable school meals.

For children starting school, arrange a picnic in the backyard in the weeks before and get them used to unpacking their lunch and explain what to eat at the different meal times.

Know the school

Help your children get used to the school environment by driving past it and walking around the school. Provide them with details on where their classroom will be, who their teacher is, where the bathrooms are and what they need to do at the end of the day – whether it’s a meeting place for pick-up or where to go for before and after school care.

Learning skills

Family activities at home can help your child adapt to spending five days a week in the classroom. Before they start school, practise reading aloud and writing with them to develop their language skills.

You can also play board or card games to work on their mathematical and problem-solving skills.

Get involved

Take an active interest in your child’s schooling and sign up to be involved in school events where you can. There’s a wide range of options, whether it’s volunteering at the canteen, attending parent/teacher events or being involved in excursions or sporting days.

Your positive attitude towards their education will reinforce that view to your children.

Make friends

Having a familiar face in the classroom or in the school playground will help your child feel comfortable. If possible, introduce them to others who will be in their grade or speak to your older children about keeping an eye out for their younger siblings at play time so they know they have a support system close by.

Get the supplies ready

Make sure their uniforms are ready and you have school supplies all sorted before the first day. The night before, lay out everything you’ll need, including accessories such as hats, socks and hair ties, so you’re fully prepared for the new school year when you head out the door for their first day.

Be ready for the first day back at school with these helpful tips: