What can I expect giving birth in the public system?

Join us each week as we ask our hand picked panel of pregnancy experts a little early motherhood advice in It’s All About the Baby… That’s Coming.

This week, expecting mother Janine shares her apprehension about their decision to give birth in a public hospital, raising concerns about what she can and can’t expect to be accommodated in the public system.

The key points from our experts are:

  • There are often more choices in the public system, from choosing your midwives to the type of birth you would like to have.
  • Every public hospital is different in what it provides – ask your local hospital what they can accommodate.
  • Talk to your midwives about what’s important to you and what you would like to happen when you are giving birth.

This week’s panel of experts includes Dr Hannah Dahlen, Professor and Practising Midwife, Nadine Richardson, Doula, Educator and Yoga Teacher, and Pinky McKay, Lactation Consultant.

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