How do I deal with the pressure of feeding my newborn?

Join us each week as we ask our hand picked panel of pregnancy experts a little early motherhood advice in It’s All About the Baby… That’s Coming.

This week, expectant mother Gemma raises concerns about feeding her newborn and the pressure she feels with “breast being best.” Her question lies in how she will deal with the guilt and stress if, for whatever reason, she is unable to breastfeed her new baby.

The key points from our experts are:

  • Trust your body and believe in its ability to feed your newborn.
  • If breastfeeding is difficult, it’s important to seek help by calling a lactation consultant or the Australian Breastfeeding Association.
  • Understand that there is no such thing as failure in fertility, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding – it’s important to manage your own expectations.
  • Your relationship with your baby is unique – know that each mother’s experience is different and it is very hard to predict how feeding your baby will go beforehand.

This week’s panel of experts includes Pinky McKay, Lactation Consultant, Nadine Richardson, Doula, Educator and Yoga Teacher, and Dr Howard Chilton, Paediatrician.

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