This is the formula for successful Christmas gifting

Follow this simple rhyme and you’ll never be overwhelmed buying Christmas presents ever again, says Social Scientist Dr Ali Walker.

When it comes to giving at Christmas, especially for your own children, how much is too much? And if the spirit of Christmas is gratitude, how can we make our gifts more thoughtful?

How about using this rhyme to help you this Christmas?

Get them something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.

If you want to go further and create a feeling of belonging, you might want to add the following to the end: Something to do, something for “me” and something for the family.

To simplify:

Something they want – this is the big present!

Something they need – might be sports gear or a hobby item.

Something to wear – could be clothing or make up.

Something to read – a new book or magazine subscription.

Something to do – a movie ticket, museum entry or a sports match ticket.

Something for ‘me’ – a keepsake, photo album, or personalised letter.

Something for the family – a board game, movie ticket, or an outing.

Not only does this rhyme help create a plan for your gift giving but it also raises your child’s awareness that Christmas isn’t all about them but is also about family, and more importantly, gratitude.

By giving experiences you’re creating memories together that will last longer than the physical presents they’ll probably grow out of before next Christmas. Plus you won’t have to keep picking them up off the floor either!

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