Is your child a good child or happy child?

While the two phrases are often used interchangeably, Dr Tim Sharp from The Happiness Institute shares the real way we should be raising our children.

Ask any parent what they most want for their children and they’ll inevitably answer, in some form or another, health and happiness.

But have they really thought about what happiness is and what it looks like? Do they have a clear definition of what this widely and sometimes overused word means? And even if we bust the many myths associated with “happiness”, is it really the highly desirable goal many believe it to be?

Although positive emotions are important and beneficial, what’s just as or more important, is “goodness”. According to the research, raising a “good” child is almost certainly a more achievable and more worthwhile pursuit.

So what’s the difference?

While happy children might feel good most or all of the time, good children enjoy these pleasant feelings but also do good more often than not. Their focus is more on being selfless rather than selfish, and they understand that although they’re important, so too are others and that they’re just part of a much bigger world.

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