When can I resume intimacy after birth?

Join us each week as we ask our hand picked panel of pregnancy experts a little early motherhood advice in It’s All About the Baby… That’s Coming.

This week, expectant mother Jo shares her fears around the possibility that her new baby might interfere with her love life with her partner. Not knowing how she will deliver her baby, Jo wants to know when the safest time is to start having sex after birth – both if she ends up having a caesarean section or if she delivers her baby naturally.

The key points from our experts are:

  • Go with your own feelings on when you want to resume sex after birth. Follow your own guide, keeping in mind that ‘six weeks’ is the textbook timeframe often given to women.
  • Knowing when you are ready to have sex is a personal thing, and depends on both when you feel like having sex and when you feel healed from the birth.
  • Keep in mind that open communication with your partner about how you feel is incredibly important.
  • Remember that you can enjoy intimacy with your partner in other ways.

This week’s panel of experts includes Dr Hannah Dahlen, Professor and Practising Midwife and Pinky McKay, Lactation Consultant.

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