Top Mother’s Day gifts that aren’t chocolates or flowers

Looking for a last-minute gift for mum? Think outside the (chocolate) box with these easy ideas.

If there is one thing most people can agree on, it’s that mums deserve to be spoilt on Mother’s Day.

Whether it is a delicious breakfast in bed, a nice lunch out or a day of pampering, there are plenty of treats that don’t come in the form of a bouquet or box of chocolates.

1. Experiences you can’t wrap

The jury may be out on vouchers as gifts, but we’re firmly on the “yes” side.

Generally speaking, vouchers are for things mum won’t buy herself, so go ahead and treat her with a voucher for an experience she won’t forget. It could be anything from a beauty treatment to a favourite store, family photo session or even some pilates classes.

You could also make a voucher booklet for free things you can do around the home – wash the car, a head massage or breakfast in bed (you can’t go wrong with these amazing red velvet pancakes).

Or take her out – high tea (or a voucher so she can go with her girlfriends), musical theatre or a movie she’s been dying to see.

2. The gift of time

Mums are busy. And tired. When we asked mums around our office for the No.1 item on their Mother’s Day wish list, the response was unanimous – give her a day off. Even an afternoon.

Set her free at her favourite shopping centre (preferably with a voucher or two) and pick her up when the sun goes down. Cook dinner and have the washing folded and put away, and perhaps make some school lunches for the week ahead.

3. A way to mum’s heart is…

Through her stomach! Bake her a delicious cake or batch of cookies.

If you’re game to cook a meal as well, there are plenty of tasty recipes to choose from that will keep mum and the whole family happy.

4. Get crafty

DIY projects are all the rage, and mum will love it if you try your hand at something home-made.

Adding a bit of greenery to the house is always nice – and healthy – and using succulents will keep it low maintenance. These DIY succulent birdcages are fun and simple to make.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at these other nifty ideas and remember – you are limited only by your imagination!

5. Make her feel great

Beauty and skincare products are popular gifts for a reason – they’re tried and true. But that doesn’t mean they have to be run of the mill; there are lots of great Mother’s Day gift sets on offer.

For a special touch we particularly like Sukin’s pretty Kimmy Hogan Limited Edition Hand Wash and Hand Cream.

6. If all else fails …

A happy, smiling family that doesn’t argue for one whole day – what could be better?

7. And if that fails?

Never underestimate the appeal of a good bottle of wine or spirits. Bonus points if it’s from one of Australia’s growing suite of eco-conscious wineries and distilleries.

And if you just can’t resist the need to buy a tangible gift for your mum, here are five fragrances she’ll love this Mother’s Day.

Written by Sally Heppleston