Why micro-cations are the new way to travel

If finances, time or work are getting in the way of you taking a proper holiday, a micro-cation may be just the ticket.

While it would be great to be able to take off on an extended holiday break the moment we start to feel tired and burnt out, it’s not always possible.

But a micro-cation – a short break of less than five nights – is an effective way to recharge your batteries and avoid the feeling of guilt that often comes with being away from work for an extended period of time.

Here’s why it’s worth embracing.

Micro-cations keep burn-out at bay

We can all feel when we’re in desperate need of a break and our bodies can only push on for a certain period of time.

“Our body and brain has the ability to operate at high levels of stress for short periods, but when we’re constantly stressed and rushed, our nervous system becomes overloaded and unbalanced,” says psychologist Kali Lohman.

“This often leads to physical and emotional exhaustion, also known as burn-out.”

If it’s inconvenient to disappear from the office for a month, then an extended weekend away could be a reasonable alternative.

“We can help to rejuvenate our system by taking more regular short breaks (even a couple of conscious, deep breaths throughout the day can help a lot),” says Kali.

“This is being much kinder to ourselves, and helps us sustain our busy lifestyles.”

Micro-cations are less stressful than long holidays

Let’s face it, prepping for a long, extended trip can be a stress-filled experience.

From how to get to your destination to where you’re going to stay, it can all start to become a little overwhelming.

Compare that with taking off for a few days – it may require some light planning, but still affords you the time to relax and you can start to say why micro-cations are the way to go.

Micro-cations give you something to look forward to

A study in Applied Research in Quality of Life found most people are happier before a trip than after. That’s because beforehand, they are full of anticipation about going on holiday.

So why not spread the joy around throughout the year?

Instead of doing one big long break, try taking more frequent micro-cations to give yourself something to look forward to.

You can spend more time in nature

A study by the University of East Anglia found that exposure to nature reduces the risk of health conditions such as type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, along with stress.

Taking a mini break of even just a day or two in a picturesque spot such as by the beach or in the mountains and spending some quality time in nature can instantly help when you’re feeling stressed.

Even though you haven’t been away very long, you’ll feel rested and rejuvenated when you do come back and the best bit? You haven’t had to use up a chunk of your leave to do it.

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Written by Tania Gomez.