The House of Wellness: Winter 2022

In the House of Wellness Winter magazine, popular TV personality Jacqui Felgate shares what happiness is to her and the importance of family time and good health.

A former newsreader and sport reporter, Jacqui reveals she has scaled back her high-paced career after suffering moments of mother guilt from missing out on milestones in her daughters’ lives.

“I’ve always put my job first and I think it’s time now to put my family first,” Jacqui, who is now a co-host on The House of Wellness TV show, says.

“Being in one place for a long time, it wasn’t working for me, but most importantly it wasn’t working for my family any more. And I wasn’t as happy as I could be.”

Also, in this winter edition of The House of Wellness gloss magazine:

  • Romantic fragrances
  • How to be motivated this season
  • Discovering your identity
  • How to help in the flood recovery
  • Olympian Jakara Anthony on hitting new heights
  • How to play a game with purpose
  • Tips for a strong mind
  • Unsual health conditions
  • Tips to boost your sex drive
  • And much more!

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