The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show 21st April


Diabetes breakthrough, autism awareness and pregnancy health – tune into The House of Wellness radio show for all that and more.

Listen to this week’s The House of Wellness radio show:

Topics covered this week include:

Diabetes breakthrough

Type 1 Diabetes represents around 10 per cent of all cases of diabetes.

But Australian researchers are developing a breakthrough test to diagnose the condition.

Royal Melbourne Hospital endocrinologist associate professor John Wentworth discusses how the test will help in early diagnosis.


One in 40 Australians are on the autism spectrum.

In the lead up to World Autism Understanding Day on April 2, Clinical psychologist Dr Fiona Aldridge discusses what autism is, who it affects and how you can help.

Also this week

The team discusses medical support supplements during pregnancy.

Listener calls

Our team answer listener questions about arthritis, osteoarthritis, rosacea, Barrett’s oesophagus, glandular fever, mouth ulcers and how to recover from covid.


  • Luke Hines, host
  • Jo Stanley
  • Gerald Quigley, pharmacist and master herbalist. To submit a question for Gerald, go to the “Ask” tab on The House of Wellness website


  • Royal Melbourne Hospital endocrinologist associate professor John Wentworth
  • Aspect Assessments manager and clinical psychologist Dr Fiona Aldridge