The House of Wellness Radio – Full Show June 23


Different types of milk, constipation and vitamin D – tune into The House of Wellness radio show for all that and more.

Listen to this week’s The House of Wellness radio show:

Topics covered this week include:

Different types of milk

Consumers are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to selecting their favourite type of milk.

Whether it is soy, almond, cashew, rice, coconut, oat or even pea, there is no shortage of options for those seeking a dairy-free alternative.

Food and nutrition scientist Dr Emma Beckett discusses the pros and cons of the different milk options and how to choose the right one for you.


Did you know as many as a quarter of Australian adults suffer from chronic constipation?

Naturopath and Caruso’s Natural Health head of education and training Michelle Matthews discussed natural therapies to relieve constipation.

Also this week

One in ten men experience incontinence at some stage in their life, according to the Continence Foundation of Australia.

Gerald discusses the importance of removing the stigmas associated with using continence pads.

Plus, how to maintain vitamin D levels during winter and the supermarket app helping to simplify your grocery shopping.

Listener calls

Our team answers listener questions about restless leg syndrome, pins and needles and chronic headaches.


  • Luke Hines, host
  • Sarah Davidson, host
  • Gerald Quigley, pharmacist and master herbalist. To submit a question for Gerald, go to the “Ask” tab on The House of Wellness website


  • Food and nutrition scientist Dr Emma Beckett