The House of Wellness TV – Season 4, Episode 6

The House of Wellness – Season 4, Episode 6

On The House of Wellness this week, meet Brisbane twins Lisa and Jessica, but you may already know them by their stage name – The Veronicas! Our father/daughter doctors weigh up the ‘wheaty’ issue of coeliac disease versus gluten intolerance. Staying with gut feelings – if you’re turning 50 then expect a special package from the government on your birthday. It could be the gift that saves your life. Got a question for our resident pharmacist and master herbalist Gerald Quigley? He’s got the solution to some of your most common complaints. And from the pristine pastures of New Zealand our friends at Antipodes will introduce you to their plant-powered vegan beauty products. All that and so much more, guaranteed to make you feel better, here in The House of Wellness.

Cast: Luke Darcy, Jo Stanley, and Luke Hines, with Gerald Quigley.

Guests: Polly Harding and Dr Graham Newstead.