The House of Wellness TV – Season 5, Episode 13

The House of Wellness – Season 5, Episode 13

This week on the show we meet the hairdressers doing their bit for the environment. With over 715 cans worth of aluminium sent to landfill by Aussie hair salons every year, one couple have kickstarted a recycling solution that’s revolutionising the beauty industry – and it’s not just about the hair!

One in 10 people have Trypanophobia or the fear of needles. But what’s the difference between being scared of them and having a phobia? If your child struggles with getting a jab, don’t miss Paediatrician Dr Daryl Cheng, an expert in negotiating needles and kids, with his tips on managing the fear of injections.

The mighty magnesium stars again in the House of Wellness kitchen in support of healthier muscles, and the Father and Daughter Doctors Carr continue the theme, with their insight into what causes the muscle pain that kicks in after a work out. Plus, their answer to the most frequently asked question, “should I stretch before exercise”?

And if you have trouble getting the greens into the family, how about a healthy vegetable breakfast? Luke Hines and Gerald Quigley push the cereal aside for a tasty, veggie-packed option that’ll get the taste buds going.

Cast: Luke Darcy, Jo Stanley, and Luke Hines, with Gerald Quigley.