The House of Wellness TV – Season 5, Episode 28

The House of Wellness – Season 5, Episode 28

This week on the House of Wellness it’s all about our most venomous spider – but this time, it’s saving lives. The funnel web is responsible for a potentially lifesaving drug being developed in Queensland. We’re all on board the fight to reduce plastic, with a staggering 800,000 tonnes of it ending up in landfills and waterways every year. If you’re in doubt about what the arrows or the numbers imprinted on plastics mean, then join Luke Hines and a leading environmentalist for a lesson in logos. What’s the difference between a headache and a migraine and when is it time to put down the over-the-counter painkillers and visit your GP? We ask the Doctors Carr. Nutritionist Shelley McKenzie shares her tools in achieving long term health success and macha queen Sarah Davidson gets on the vital greens. Best of all, the man with the big heart Gus Worland finally gets what he deserves, courtesy of Chemist warehouse. Don’t miss it, this week on the House of Wellness.

Cast: Luke Darcy, Jo Stanley, and Luke Hines, with Gerald Quigley.