The House of Wellness TV – Episode 11

The House of Wellness – Episode 11

In this week’s show, the team discover the unexpected causes of your headaches and what you can do to treat them once and for all. The team also take a look at the lifestyle factors that lead to a low sperm count and the simple tips and tricks men can do to keep their ‘heir’ supply happy. Caroline goes in search of the ever elusive work life balance as she discovers how a power nap can power charge your work day, while James investigates the ways to beat thunderstorm asthma this spring. Plus the team are joined by one of Australia’s most influential personal trainers, Michelle Bridges, Gerald takes all your calls and we premier our new feature, It’s all about the baby… that’s coming!

Cast: Ed Phillips, Zoe Marshall and Gerald Quigley

Guests: David Jivan, Dr Ginni Mansberg, Caroline Pemberton, James Tobin, Pinky McKay, Nadine Richardson, Dr Howard Chilton, and Michelle Bridges


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