The House of Wellness TV – Episode 38

The House of Wellness – Episode 38

In this week’s show, the team examines how microscopic germs can be both good and bad for us, discovering where germs lurk in everyday life and how we can learn to live with them. The team also looks at how to beat exam stress with social scientist Dr Ali Walker, while child psychologist Dr Fiona Martin shares coping strategies for parents for when the daily grind of parenthood gets too much. Plus we investigate the reasons why we smoke and how to stop the addiction with James Tobin, Gerald answers all your calls and questions, and we sit down with Geoff Graham to learn how his ongoing battle with eczema led him to create his own remedy.

Cast: Ed Phillips, Zoe Marshall, and Gerald Quigley

Guests: Dr Ali Walker, Dr Fiona Martin, Geoff Graham, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Bianca Chatfield, and James Tobin